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1984 Oct. 9

Charig, Margaret

'Parky' Grace: a story of black pride, anger

New Bedford (Mass.) - Describes life and events in New Bedford at the time of Marvin Morgan's murder, and the anger and fear in the city's West End between the police and the community, of which Parky was an active member. Incomplete.

Frank Grace Papers

1965 Jan.

Felix the cat, rolling in the dirt

New Bedford (Mass.) - Gloria Clark's cat, at the family home in New Bedford.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers


Biography of Gloria Xifaras Clark

New Bedford (Mass.) - A short history of Gloria Xifaras Clark, her work in Mississippi, and her life afterwards.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers

1903 May 14

New Bedford (Mass.) . City Clerk

Death record of Alexander Du Bois

New Bedford (Mass.) - Cause of death: "Peritonitis". Signed by D. B. Leonard City Clerk.

W. E. B. Du Bois Papers


Gloria Xifaras Clark and tenants at her home

New Bedford (Mass.) - Clark and two Chinese students at UMass Dartmouth who rented rooms.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers

1984 Sept. 14

Charig, Margaret

Decision in retrial bid weeks away: hearing on 1974 murder conviction ends

New Bedford (Mass.) - Describes some of what happened during the hearing in 1984 to determine if Parky would get a new trial, mostly based on witness testimonies, as well as other evidence of issues during the first trial.

Frank Grace Papers


Xifaras, John Michael

Letter from John Michael Xifaras to Gloria Xifaras Clark

New Bedford (Mass.) - John is looking forward to seeing Gloria, he asks her to pick out a show in New York for them to see together. Attached is a newspaper clipping of a case that John is handling.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers

1878 Sept. 15

New Bedford (Mass.)

City of New Bedford state, county and city real estate taxes

New Bedford (Mass.) - For Alexander Du Bois's property at 161 Third St. in New Bedford.

W. E. B. Du Bois Papers

1993 Nov. 7

Antioch Baptist Church (Blue Mountain, Miss.)

Program for Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

New Bedford (Mass.) - A program for a Sunday morning service at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Blue Mountain, Mississippi.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers

1993 Apr. 28

Clark, Gloria Xifaras, 1942-

Notes by Gloria Xifaras Clark

New Bedford (Mass.) - Gloria's notes, written on the back of a retirement account renewal verification notice.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers