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1943 Aug. 15

Letter from[illegible] to Caleb Foote

Chicago (Ill.) - Clippy [Cleveland Amory] hasn't been well and had t resign his commission; now writing out west. He and Lydia are living in Chicago. Has been at S. Luke Hospital for about four and a half months. Congratulates Caleb on his marriage.

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1943 July 20

Rosenbaum, Crane

Letter from Crane Rosenbaum to Caleb Foote

Swarthmore (Pa.) - Reaction to banning CPS has been weaker; college units are not worth much. "Haverford seems much like ours and Heiner's account of Guilford sounds much the same.. I'm beginning to wonder whether the army courses of similar nature are similarly unsubstantial... Rather than trying to wheedle the government into giving them a little corner of the vast relief picture, they ... more

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1990 Aug. 11

Smith, C. W. (Charles William), 1940-

Letter from Charles W. Smith to Caleb Foote

Dallas (Tex.) - House needed a new roof and paint for insurance policy. Working on a new novel.

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1944 June 27

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Letter from Caleb Foote to Margaret Rohrer

Berkeley (Calif.) - Has planned an FOR conference for the San Joaquin Valley. Allen Barr is in the Army.

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1940 May 27

Stillman, Calvin W. (Calvin Whitney), 1915-

Letter from Calvin W. Stillman to Caleb Foote

Ames (Iowa) - "Quite apart from the possibility of our involvement in the war, or a war of our own, the prospect we see is one of accelerated decay of all that we like about the American form of government. If we were given three or four administrations free of war and reaction, this nation might solve the great social problems facing the world -- a mechanism of control of highly int... more

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1966 Apr. 5

Stone, Olive M.

Letter from Olive M. Stone to Caleb Foote

New York (N.Y.) - Is back in New York for a month before leaving for Canada. Spent time in Minneapolis with Bob Levy, going over ground with him.

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1945 Dec. 8

Reeves, George

Letter from George Reeves to Caleb Foote

San Francisco (Calif.) - Had a letter from a parole assistant asking help in finding jobs in hospitals for men under the Public Service plan, but hospitals are no longer interested. Cause of amnesty has been carried to the White House, but "this government, which operates only thru embarrasments," needs more if it is to act. News of fellow peace activists.

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1958 June 30

Robson, Reginald Arthur Henry, 1921-

Letter from Reginald A. H. Robson and Monica Robson to Caleb Foote

Ryan Park (Wyo.) - Update on his naturalization case: has accepted a position at University of British Columbia, so he will no longer pursue naturalization in the US.

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1945 Feb. 14

Simpson, Elery E.

Letter from Elery E. SImpson to Caleb Foote

Tacoma (Wash.) - Explains briefly why he has accepted I-A0 classification: "Soon after I got in prison I could see I was accomplishing very little. It was just a protest against conscription which was a worthy enough cause but there were millions who were in need of help." Met a number of COs including Hartmann who was a "psycho" but had attracted a school of followers. "They held a voc... more

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