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Amherst (Mass.) - From a series of photographs depicting a possible rehearsal and performance of "Luxuriation."

Richard Jones Papers

2013 June 25

Story, Ronald

Ronald Story: oral history with Daniel Chard

Amherst (Mass.) - Interview with Ronald Story (b.1940), Professor of History at UMass Amherst; graduate student at University of Wisconsin and SUNY Stony Brook (PhD, 1972). Nadir of difficulty for landing an academic job in the early 1970s, especially in history; political issues in Massachusetts environment and impact on the department and university; changes in department from the earl... more

UMass Amherst Oral History Collection

1968 Feb. 15

Drucker, Jeffrey

Protest against Dow Chemical Co. and the war in Vietnam at the Student Union, UMass Amherst View of the crowd on the mezzanine

Amherst (Mass.) - From a series of images of the mass student protests organized by the Ad Hoc Committee On Dow, a "theatrical approach" to protesting the Vietnam War and the use of napalm (see UMass Daily Collegian Feb. 14, 1968).

Jeffrey Drucker Photograph Collection

1971 July

Albertson, Jeff

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at the University of Massachusetts Amherst: closeup of the Maharishi on stage

Amherst (Mass.) - From a series of photographs depicting Maharishi Mahesh Yogi speaking in the Curry Hicks Gymnasium as part of the Science of Creative Intelligence symposium.

Jeff Albertson Photograph Collection


Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1869-1943

White pine and Euonymus hedges (woman among hedges)

Amherst (Mass.) - Hand-colored image of woman standing between experimental hedges of Euonymus and white pine (l. to r.); photo probably taken in Amherst.

Frank A. Waugh Papers

1969 – 1970

University of Massachusetts Amherst


Student Publications


Mange, Arthur P.

Five in a row at Junior High School

Amherst (Mass.) - Five school buses parked in a row in the parking lot at Amherst Junior High School.

Arthur P. Mange Photograph Collection

2007 Nov. 15

Palmieri, Nancy

UMass student strike: strikers marching in to occupy Whitmore Hall

Amherst (Mass.) - From a series of photographs labeled "UMass strike." In November 2007, graduate and undergraduate students at UMass Amherst waged a two-day strike that began with a gathering in the Student Union ballroom and culminated in a ninety minute occupation of Whitmore Hall. The strikers demanded a rollback in student fees, greater funding for diversity initiatives, the ouster ... more

Nancy Palmieri Collection


Mange, Arthur P.

Glass duck

Amherst (Mass.) - An x-ray photograph of a glass duck. Image is circular and mount echoes a circular pattern.

Arthur P. Mange Photograph Collection