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1942 Jan. 1

Freeman, Russ (Quaker)

Letter from Russ Freeman to Caleb Foote

Mendham (N.J.) - Caleb's statement about leaning toward the absolute position on the draft "falls into place with many of our previous discussion." Freeman quite discouraged about camp: "Some lads are finding out that they have never actually thought through the various angles of what this position means once the pressure is applied, and the usual and expected quota of letter from relat... more

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1944 Aug. 4

Partridge, Alfred

Letter from Alfred Partridge to Caleb Foote

Germfask (Mich.) - Disputes Foote's claim that Lapine was just an organization of radicals with a planned method of action and group-accepted tenets: "So far as I know this was never the case." Describes experiences at Lapine with others who had been transferred there from Mancos, Colo., unified only by that background and the administration's missteps. Many were non-cooperators, but "Man... more

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1939 Nov. 30

Weinberger, Caspar W.

Letter from Caspar W. Weinberger to Caleb Foote

Cambridge (Mass.) - Glad to hear about Foote's trip (out west). Pleasant time spent at Foote's house in Belmont. Jest about support for Senator Burton K. Wheeler and his Republican predilections.

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1940 Apr.

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

North through California and Oregon Journal of a trip west

California - From Foote's journal of his trip to the western United States, 1939-1940: trip northward from Sacramento north; irrigation in the San Joaquin Valley and Shasta dam;.Klamath Project; Tule Lake.

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1940 Apr. 29

Vaillant, Marion

Letter from Marian Vaillant to Caleb Foote

Cambridge (Mass.) - The American history class is already being taught by Mary Adams, but they need a teacher to stabilize Class V. If his central concern is getting his PhD, they may be able to work out a part-time position.

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1939 Sept.

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Chicago Journal of a trip west

Chicago (Ill.) - From Foote's journal of his trip to the western United States, 1939-1940: unattractive drive into the city and the atrocious housing of the south side before arrival in affluent Lake Forest. "The whole spirit and philosophy of the place is dependent on money." Women in Chicago.

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The Yanks Are Not Coming Committee

The Yanks are not coming! Signed Mr. and Mrs. America

Red, white, and blue sticker from non-interventionist Yanks Not Coming Committee.

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1945 Apr. 12

Thomas, Evan W. (Evan Welling), 1890-1974

Letter from Evan W. Thomas to Caleb Foote

New York (N.Y.) - Agrees with Caleb about the prison system and punishment. "Custodial institutions should not exist with the idea of punishment behind them... As I have grown older I recognize more than before the need for institutional care of some individuals. That may simply be due to the caution of older age and hardening of the arteries but I don't know what I would do in my own work if there were... more

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1945 Feb. 14

Simpson, Elery E.

Letter from Elery E. SImpson to Caleb Foote

Tacoma (Wash.) - Explains briefly why he has accepted I-A0 classification: "Soon after I got in prison I could see I was accomplishing very little. It was just a protest against conscription which was a worthy enough cause but there were millions who were in need of help." Met a number of COs including Hartmann who was a "psycho" but had attracted a school of followers. "They held a voc... more

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1943 July 24

Pleads guilty

Oakland (Calif.) - Newspaper clipping on trial of Caleb Foote as conscientious objector. Appeared in Oakland Gazette.

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