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1945 Apr. 30

Park-Presidio Civic Club

Letter from Park-Presidio Civic Club

San Francisco (Calif.) - Announcing a program featuring Caleb Foote, speaking on "Peace time conscription."

Caleb Foote Papers

1944 May 4

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

An open letter to NSBRO

San Francisco (Calif.) - Open letter to NSBRO (printed in Pacifica Views) regarding his position on the draft, Civilian Public Service, and the war.

Caleb Foote Papers

1958 Jan. 20

Sanders, Richard

Letter from Richard Sanders to Caleb Foote

Levittown (Pa.) - Invitation to be one of the "major speakers" at the Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association and talk on :Legal liabilities of professional practice: forensic psychology."

Caleb Foote Papers

1941 Aug.

Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.)

Young Christians Face Militarism conference: mock trial of Clayton Sipe

Deering (N.H.) - Mock trial held as a centerpiece of FOR conference in Deering, N.H.

Caleb Foote Papers

1941 Sept. 5

Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.)

26th Annual Conference, Lakeside Ohio

Lakeside (Ohio) - Brochure with program and details on the FOR annual conference.

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Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Letter from Caleb Foote to Bob Ludlow

United States - Letter marked "never sent." Hopes the Catholic Worker can help him with a growing concern over civil liberties in America, especially regarding the Blanchard case and religious freedom and the position of the Catholic Church.

Caleb Foote Papers

1944 Nov. 14

Van Alen, Jeanette

Letter from Jeanette Van Alen to Caleb Foote

Cambridge (Mass.) - Inquires whether there is any position for a "girl from Bennington College" seeking "something 'that is service to others, anything that helps people, physically preferably.'"

Caleb Foote Papers

1942 June

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

American refugees

Berkeley (Calif.) - Appeal opposing the Japanese American evacuation from the U.S. west coast.

Caleb Foote Papers

1941 July 17

Freeman, Russ (Quaker)

Letter from Russ Freeman to Caleb Foote

Mendham (N.J.) - Has arrived at his "experiment in rural culture." Visit with Bob Carter and family: he estimates he is 9/10 a pacifist, "but fears that it would look questionable if he tried to crawl onto the pacifist caravan (I almost said 'bandwagon' which would hardly do) at this late date. As you know my weakness at converting others -- I merely told him we were going to keep in to... more

Caleb Foote Papers

1943 June 22

Kido, Saburo

Letter from Saburo Kido to John Nevin Sayre

Finds Caleb Foote's pamphlet "one of the best written on the Japanese problem in connection with evacuation." Supreme Court ruling on the legality of the evacuation order was "quite a blow."

Caleb Foote Papers