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David and Bernice Kahn on bicycles in Franklin Park

Boston (Mass.) - Reverse reads, "'Free wheeling' / Franklin Park."

Paul S. Kahn Papers


Paul Kahn in small boat on Jamaica Pond

Boston (Mass.) - Reverse reads, "Now what, Daddy? / Jamaica Pond."

Paul S. Kahn Papers

1957 Sept.

Paul Kahn seated in front of a small windmill

Paul seated on curb in a garden with his hands clasped around his knees.

Paul S. Kahn Papers


Bernice Kahn posing on staircase

Caption reads, "'Step-up'" / Angell St" which may refer to Angell Street in Providence, Rhode Island.

Paul S. Kahn Papers

1956 July

Cat and kittens outside home

Massachusetts - Mother cat laying in grass with three kittens.

Paul S. Kahn Papers


Unzicker, Rae, 1948-2001

Draft of a speech by Rae Unzicker

A handwritten draft in which Rae talks about the various places she has lived during her life. She begins to talk about her time spent in Osawatomie State Hospital in Kansas, but the draft does not go into detail. Rae concludes with the idea that coming home means coming home to one's self, rather than just a physical space.

Rae Unzicker Papers


Unzicker, Rae, 1948-2001

An esalen journal

Big Sur (Calif.) - A diary Rae kept over a couple of days where she and her husband, Jim, went to a spiritual retreat, apparently at Esalen in Big Sur, California. Rae describes the people she met on the retreat and the sessions that she went through during the week.

Rae Unzicker Papers

1985 Oct. 17

Unzicker, Rae, 1948-2001

Madvocacy: attilla doesn't live here anymore

Minneapolis (Minn.) - A transcription of a speech, "MADvocacy: Attilla Doesn't Live Here Anymore", presented at the National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy by Rae Unzicker. In the speech, Rae discusses what divides consumers from professional advocates, which are money and experiences, and how the two groups can join forces to fight against the common enemy that is stigma, ignorance, oppression, and other fa... more

Rae Unzicker Papers