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1981 Sept. 11

Frank, Leonard Roy

The crime of forced 'treatment'

San Francisco (Calif.) - Presentation from the "Refusing Mental Health Treatment: Values in Conflict." Using his personal psychiatric records as a framing device, Frank explores the debilitating damage done by involuntary electroconvulsive treatment, insulin coma treatments and institutionalization. Theorizing that patients are punished for their non-conformity and that psychiatry is more about social control than care of the... more

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1994 Apr. 26

Grobe, Jeanine, 1957-

Letter from Jinie Lind to Judi Chamberlin

Fall River (Mass.) - Notifying Chamberlin of changes in the manuscript suggested by the publisher. Updates on the progression of the book as a whole and Lind's decision to work with an agent.

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1982 July 11

Letter from Judi Chamberlin to Edith Morgan

Somerville (Mass.) - Regarding missed communications and Chamberlin's prepared remarks for the upcoming seminar.

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1979 June 14

Buckley, John J.

Jail show A super con-job

Middlesex County (Mass.) - Article from the Boston Globe criticizing the "Scared Straight" film and Rahway State Prison program which is meant to deter juvenile delinquents from further crime. Buckley discusses other studies that examine the success rate claimed by the program.

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1975 Dec. 16

Hansen, Chris

Memorandum from Chris Hansen to staff

Regarding two models for the protection of patients against the abuse of psychiatric medication. The first model focuses on patients thought to be incompetent being referred to a Treatment Review Committee, which will make a decision on competence and lays out emergency and nonemergency situations involving adults and minors. The second model involves a special guardian being assigned to patients deem... more

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1993 Aug. 3

Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

Fax from Judi Chamberlin to Michiko Davis

Boston (Mass.) - Concerning travel plans and accomodations for Chamberlin's trip to Japan and stopover in Chicago.

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1993 Aug. 9

Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

Fax from Judi Chamberlin to Yoshiko Dart

Boston (Mass.) - Thanking Yoshiko for her translation of Mr. Kuraki's letter.

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1993 July 22

Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

Fax from Judi Chamberlin to Justin and Yoshiko Dart

Boston (Mass.) - Providing contact information for a Japanese psychiatric survivor, Mikio Kuraki, who serves as Advisor to the Yowa Hospital Patients' Association.

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Rice, Marilyn

The History of shock treatment

Berkeley (Calif.) - Review of Leonard Roy Frank's The History of Shock Treatment written by a victim of ECT. Praising the authors' decision not to add editorial comment to passages.

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1979 Feb. 16

Bogue, Ted

Letter from Ted Bogue and Sidney M. Wolfe to whom it may concern

Washington (D.C.) - Writing on behalf of Selma Levine who has been harmed by the psychiatric and legal professions. Lamenting the lack of action in Ms. Levine's case and issuing support for her efforts. Urging that professional disciplinary boards be more responsive to consumer complaints and less preoccupied with protecting practictioners who may be causing harm to patients.

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