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1985 July 2

Adams, Jeanne

Letter from Jeanne Adams to Judi Chamberlin

Cranston (R.I.) - Adams is glad Chamberlin was able to participate in the consumer meeting which was a follow-up to the Baltimore conference. Chamberlin's presentation will be influential in organizing the Rhode Island Advocacy Group.

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Inner East Mental Health Services Association Inc.

Terra Firma Leawarra Accommodation Project

Box Hill (Vic.) - Describing Terra Firma, a psychosocial rehabilitation program for people affected by psychiatric disability, and Leawarra, an accommodation project for people affected by psychiatric disability who have links with the inner eastern suburbs. Provides information on how to join and the activities included.

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Rajotte, David

Rhode Island Coalition of Consumer Self-Help Advocates

Rhode Island - Brief summary of the start of the Coalition, the conferences members attended, Chamberlin speaking to consumers in Rhode Island, and the formation of goals and elections of officers.

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1977 Jan.

Bozarth, Ollie Mae

State, task force news Mental health

Bozarth is "advocating a government agency composed of lay persons to hear and investigate complaints against psychiatric procedures... and theories." She asks if Rosalynn Carter would be interested in such an agency, asks feminist attorneys to investigate the law for commitments in their states, and talks about the "male-chauvinist diagnosis of mythical diseases." She also notes that women are the gr... more

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1979 Apr. 18

Becker, Gayle

Four arrested at Haverford gate

Pennsylvania - Concerning the arrest of Lenny Lapon, Robert Harris, Lynn Sereda, and Diane Baran of the Alliance for the Liberation of Mental Patients for attempting to distribute literature to patients at Haverford State Hospital.

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1973 Dec.

Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

Letter from Judi Chamberlin to Margie Ambrosino

Vancouver (B.C.) - Chamberlin discusses her health since she has moved, the relationships in her life including with Ted Chabasinski and Howie and how lonely she is, and her work with a women's residence of the Mental Patients Association. She mentions her issues with the structure of MPA and practical information about her medical records and who to contact about them.

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1979 Mar. 26

Lapon, Lenny

Circular letter from Lenny Lapon to Judi Chamberlin

Philadelphia (Pa.) - Lapon discusses the Mental Health Advocacy Project of Pennsylvania and his experience as a paralegal in the Project's offices at Haverford State Hospital, from which he has been fired. Lapon expresses frustration with the Project, which he regards as impotent because no psychiatrist has been sued for violating inmates' rights. While at Haverford, Lapon distributed literature from the psychiatric survi... more

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1981 Dec. 3

Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

Letter from Judi Chamberlin to Robert H. Harris

Somerville (Mass.) - Chamberlin discusses a lawsuit the Mental Patients' Liberation Front is involved in regarding the rights of people living in "community" residences. She talks about her back problems and how she was unable to going camping with the Alliance for the Liberation of Mental Patients. Chamberlin believes that unity in the ex-inmates community is key, even between radical and non-radical members of the movem... more

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1984 June 18

Arrowsmith, Peter

Aerogramme from Peter Arrowsmith to Judi Chamberlin

Victoria - Arrowsmith has enjoyed making contact with Chamberlin and the literature on the ex-patients' movement that she has sent him makes him hope about the movement's goals. He is making a submission for funding to that goes towards self-help group promotion in order to get Chamberlin to Australia and suggests she come between September and November, and asks for guidance in terms of speakers fees.

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1980 Apr. 13

Americans Against Psychiatric and Psychological Abuse

A public forum

New York (N.Y.) - Advertising a public forum about political repressive psychiatry in the American workplace moderated by Francine Newman, Aquilla Fitzgerald, John Lombard, and Tom Weiss, and sponsored by the Americans Against Psychiatric and Psychological Abuse.

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