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1982 June 18

Kisor, Henry

'Going Overboard' to live a man's life on the high seas

Chicago (Ill.) - Positive and favorable review of Gwin's book Going Overboard.

Lucy Gwin Papers


Brands Art Gallery

Charles H. Litchman: vignetted bust portrait in three-quarter profile (autographed on verso)

Chicago (Ill.) - Studio portrait of Marblehead attorney and former shoe manufacturer who served as Grand Servitor of Massachusetts Lodge of the Knights of St. Crispin in 1879.

Labor, Work, and Industry Collection

1979 May 16

Phillips, Tony

Tony Phillips interview with Judi Chamberlin

Chicago (Ill.) - Questions related to an interview of Chamberlin as promotion for "On Our Own" which focus on Chamberlin's impression of mental health system, her own experiences being in mental hospitals, and the psychiatric survivors movement.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1986 Feb. 9

Kafka, Stanlee

Letter from Stanlee and Diane Kafka to Judi Chamberlin

Chicago (Ill.) - Stanlee asks that himself and Diane be included in the National Alliance of Mental Patients teleconference and endorse the idea of a Kansas City founding conference. Prior to the conference, they believe that a list should be made of all attendees and members, and their addresses and phone numbers to "insure democratic communication in the whole group."

Judi Chamberlin Papers


Third Side Press

Note of reminder

Chicago (Ill.) - Slip informing contributors to Jeanine Grobe's Beyond Bedlam that they may purchase copies of the book at a discount by contacting the publisher directly.

Judi Chamberlin Papers


Excerpt from Beyond Bedlam

Chicago (Ill.) - Essays from Beyond Bedlam, an anthology edited by Jeanine Grobe. Handwritten notes and highlighted passages for a reading by Chamberlin.

Judi Chamberlin Papers


Third Side Press

Beyond Bedlam

Chicago (Ill.) - Publicity sheet for Beyond Bedlam: Contemporary Psychiatric Survivors Speak Out, an anthology of personal narratives edited by Jeanine Grobe and featuring an essay from Judi Chamberlin. An order form is included.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1975 Aug. 1

Tybor, Joseph R.

Whose judgment's faulty?

Chicago (Ill.) - On the institutionalization and forced treatment of Bob Friedman.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1976 July

Butler, Jean

In his own best interest

Chicago (Ill.) - On the institutionalization and death of Bob Friedman.

Judi Chamberlin Papers