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2018 Dec. 13

Evans, Cheryl

Cheryl Evans oral history with Peter Kleeman

Amherst (Mass.) - Interview with former UMass Amherst student, Cheryl Evans, about her experiences on campus as student from 1964-1968, as a UMass assistant area coordinator of Orchard Hill in 1969, and her life as a teacher, academic, and activist, especially in relation to African American communities. Evans came to UMass from Medford, Mass., recalls being one of six people of color on campus... more

University of Massachusetts Amherst. Black Pioneers Project Records


Lovell, J. L. (John Lyman), 1825-1903

' Entomological hospital': Interior of the greenhouse attached to the Entomology Building

Amherst (Mass.) - View down the center of the greenhouse attached to the Insectary and Entomology Building, later known as the Old Math Building.

University Photograph Collection


Lovell, J. L. (John Lyman), 1825-1903

Insectary with attached greenhouse

Amherst (Mass.) - Early view of the Insectary and attached greenhouse before construction of the Entomology Building (1895).

University Photograph Collection


Preparing caterpillars for mounting in the Insectary woman seated at table with specimens

Amherst (Mass.) - View of a young woman working inside the Entomology Building (built 1895), which became the Mathematics Building after construction of Fernald Hall (1909-1910).

University Photograph Collection

2018 Dec. 19

Chea, Rowun

Roeun Chea: oral history with Lily Tang, Richmond Amoako, Noelle McManus, Mae Humphreville, Christine Yao

Amherst (Mass.) - 50-year-old Roeun Chea is an art and math intervention teacher at Springfield Public School. Born in Cambodia, he was forced into a concentration camp under the reign of the Khmer Rouge, where he remained for three years. After spending another three years in a refugee camp, he resettled with a foster family in Western Massachusetts. Though excited and grateful for the new opportunities presented to h... more

Asian Americans in Western Mass. Oral History Collection

1963 – 1964

University of Massachusetts Amherst


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