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1970 Nov.

Albertson, Jeff

Linda Ronstadt at Paul's Mall: Ronstadt performing

Boston (Mass.) - From a series of photographs depicting Linda Ronstadt back stage and performing at Paul's Mall, Boston, Mass.

Jeff Albertson Photograph Collection

1971 June

Albertson, Jeff

Boston Phoenix vs. WBCN staff softball game: Stu Werbin making a catch

Boston (Mass.) - From a series of photographs depicting the staff softball game between the Boston Pheonix and WBCN-FM.

Jeff Albertson Photograph Collection

1968 Oct. 24

Simon, Peter, 1947-

Donna Carson and Hedge Capers (of Hedge and Donna) on the street

Boston (Mass.) - From a series of photographs labeled "Hedge and Donna: folkies for Broadside."

Peter Simon Collection


Garside, Kenneth G.

Duxbury Cranberry Company: dry harvesting with hand scoops

Duxbury (Mass.) - From a series of images of the Duxbury Cranberry Company operations.

Kenneth G. Garside Papers

2013 Aug. 28

du Bois, Carolyn

Carolyn du Bois oral history with Joyce Berkman

Williamsburg (Mass.) - Widow of Richard "Dick" du Bois, Professor of Music and Choral Director at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Memories of Helen Perry. Making music accessible to everyone. Discussing Du Bois's career, work with K-12 music education in Iowa, sense of humor as a choral director. Du Bois's military experience in WWII. Approach to conducting. Visits and performances in eastern Europe in the 1970s an... more

UMass Amherst Dept. of Music Oral History Collection


Cunningham, Bill

Gus Sonnenberg, professional wrestler, and actress Judith Allen Standing next to 1931 Cadillac town sedan

Boston (Mass.) - Pictured with his bride, Marie Elliott Sonnenberg, better known by her stage name Judith Allen, chosen for her by Cecil B. DeMille. They were divorced later the same year. Photo taken by Bill Cunningham, former teammate of Sonnenberg at Dartmouth and sports columnist for the Boston Herald. Sonnenberg died of leukemia while serving in the Navy in WWII. Taken in Boston?

Alton H. Blackington Collection

1968 Sept. 26

Simon, Peter, 1947-

Stylishly-dressed young woman standing next to a bicycle

Boston (Mass.) - From a series of photographs labeled "Young blonde mod chick / Vibrations": apparently shot for the short-lived magazine Vibrations.

Peter Simon Collection