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1934 Oct. 14

International Labor Defense

Defend your right to strike!! Protest police attacks on marine strikers! Mass meeting

Boston (Mass.) - Flier for rally at the Old South Meeting House to support the Marine Strike Committee and oppose police violence, citing violence against strikers and workers, anti-Fascist demonstrators, and lynch terror "against the Negro masses... Defend the Scottsboro Boys and Angelo Herndon! Workers of Boston, defend your democratic rights! Smash the growth of fascist terror in the... more

Communist Party of Massachusetts Collection

1927 Nov. 5

Connecticut River during flood crest in Hadley, Massachusetts

Massachusetts - A farmhouse stands on a tiny patch of land which has not yet been inundated by the Connecticut River in flood crest during the New England Flood of 1927. Photographed by Edward H. Young of the Class of 1928.

University Photograph Collection

1971 Mar.

Cohen, Gary

Spirit in Flesh giving concert to Brotherhood members

Warwick (Mass.) - Spirit in Flesh performs concert for the Brotherhood. View from the stage.

Daniel A. Brown Photograph Collection


Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1869-1943

Brookside estate, Great Barrington

Great Barrington (Mass.) - Hand-colored image of the elaborate stonework and boat ramp at the estate of William Hall Walker. The house and ground are today run as the UJR Eisner Camp.

Frank A. Waugh Papers

1935 June 16

Blackington, Alton H.

William F. Clapp adjusting a diver's helmet

Duxbury (Mass.) - Clapp was a specialist in Teredo and related ship-boring mollusks; he later founded a laboratory in Duxbury to find ways of controlling the problem.

Alton H. Blackington Collection

2009 Dec. 17

Palmieri, Nancy

Rock Oliver stocking bags of coffee beans at the New Salem General Store

New Salem (Mass.) - From a series of photographs labeled "New Salem: dog at door, people walking on road (Globe)."

Nancy Palmieri Collection


Albertson, Jeff

Gay liberation demonstration at Cambridge Common

Cambridge (Mass.) - From a series of photographs depicting a gay liberation demonstration at Cambridge Common.

Jeff Albertson Photograph Collection