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2008 Dec. 14

Palmieri, Nancy

Line of ice-covered evergreens

Ashfield (Mass.) - From a series of photographs labeled "Ice storm: cat and tree with ice, Goshen, Ashfield," documenting the massive ice storm in western Massachusetts.

Nancy Palmieri Collection

1969 Oct. 15

Albertson, Jeff

Chow Chow

Boston (Mass.) - From a series of photographs depicting the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam at Boston University and on the Boston Common.

Jeff Albertson Photograph Collection

1967 Nov. 16

Simon, Peter, 1947-

Protesters lining the hallways during the occupation of the University Placement Office, Boston University, opposing on-campus recruiting by Dow Chemical Co.

Boston (Mass.) - From a series of photographs labeled "ABF #1. Conference in Charlottesville, Va.," though apparently in error: all appear to be taken at the student protest against on-campus recruiting by Dow Chemical Co., manufacturer of napalm, at the University Placement Office (195 Bay State Road), lead by the Boston University Anti-Draft Union and the Students for a Democratic Soc... more

Peter Simon Collection

1968 Apr. 25

Simon, Peter, 1947-

Umoja (Black student union) activists looking out from balcony of occupied administration building, Boston University

Boston (Mass.) - From a series of images labeled "Umoja take over of administration building." Umoja, the Black Student Union at Boston University, occupied the administration building for twelve hours before winning concessions on nine demands from President Armand Christ-Janer including appointing a Martin Luther King Chair of Social Ethics; establishing an Afro-American Affairs Coord... more

Peter Simon Collection

1968 Apr. 8

Simon, Peter, 1947-

Marchers commemorating Martin Luther King, Boston Common, Boston Common, gathered below the State House

Boston (Mass.) - From a series of images labeled "M.L. King march at Commons to Post Office Square."

Peter Simon Collection

1998 Apr.

Wendell post

Wendell (Mass.) - Includes articles on saving an historic home, candidate statements, artist Kaymarion Raymond's slide show at Town Hall, obituaries for Evelyn Fisher and Tammy Skerry, Selectboard minutes, self defense classes and acupressure.

Wendell Post


Rohunta Inn (Athol, Mass.)

Pine Beach on Lake Rohunta: Menu

Athol (Mass.) - Menu for the dining hall at the Rohunta Inn.

Pine Beach Association Collection