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1984 June

AmDans Theatre

Circular letter from AmDans Theatre

Amherst (Mass.) - Soliciting contributions to support the newly established AmDans Theatre non-profit, includes invitation to a fundraising event.

Richard Jones Papers

1975 Dec. 20

Faculty information sheet for Richard Jones

Amherst (Mass.) - Basic biographical information supplied to the University News Office by Richard Jones

Richard Jones Papers

1980 Apr. 29

American College Dance Festival Association. New England Festival

Letter from the American College Dance Festival Association to Richard Jones

Boston (Mass.) - Thanking Jones for his participation in the Festival.

Richard Jones Papers

1980 Jan. 3

Boston Ballet

Letter from the Boston Ballet to Richard Jones

Boston (Mass.) - Inviting Jones to serve as a guest faculty member during the summer of 1980.

Richard Jones Papers

1991 Jan. 22

Richard Jones, at 53; UMass choreographer

Springfield (Mass.) - Obituary for Richard Jones.

Richard Jones Papers

1991 Jan. 21

Richard Jones, dance professor

Northampton (Mass.) - Obituary for Richard Jones.

Richard Jones Papers