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1805 Dec. 27

Brown, Moses, 1738-1836

Subscription list to support an instructor in an evening school for People of Color

Providence (R.I.) - Signed by Brown with a pledge of $20.

Moses Brown Papers


A short history of the African Union Meeting and School-House erected in Providence (R.I.) in the years 1819, '20, '21; with rules for its future government

Providence (R.I.) - Moses Brown's copy with his signature on the title page and a note added at end of text: "N.B. The whole of this book I never read or heard read til since printed, the last paragraph was read to me by Henry Jackson who I suppose to be the compiler & writer and I proposed to leave my name out but he tho't best to Continue it in, -- I had rather it had been omitted as I d... more

Moses Brown Papers


Dewey, Loring Daniel, 1791-1867

Correspondence relative to the emigration to Hayti, of the free people of colour, in the United States Together with the instructions to the agent sent out by President Boyer

New York (N.Y.) - Correspondence of Loring D. Dewey and Jean Pierre Boyer, President of Haiti; published by the former. This proposition was submitted by Dewey to the American Colonization Society, but the Society rejected it. A new society was organized in June 1824 under the name: Society for Promoting the Emigration of Free Persons of Colour to Hayti.

Antislavery Pamphlet Collection