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1988 May 21

Zinn, Howard, 1922-2010

Letter from Howard Zinn to Harvey Wasserman

Saying his wife, Roslyn, reported a lovely conversation with Wasserman, who seems happy, and noting his own gladness over hearing that the book "Harvey Wasserman's History of the United States" is being reprinted. Offering to write another introduction for the book, and mentioning his own potential new project on political theory. Finally, telling Wasserman that his children are beautiful, a... more

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New York Times Company

Letter from New York Times Company to Harvey Wasserman

New York (N.Y.) - From Howard Goldberg of the Op-Ed Page. Thanking Wasserman for his book (most likely "Harvey Wasserman's History of the United States") and nice inscription, and asking to play John Muir, due to his beard, if Wasserman sells the film rights.

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1989 Jan. 16

Sternglass, Ernest J.

Letter from Ernest J. Sternglass to Harvey Wasserman

Bloomington (Ind.) - Noting his delight in seeing Wasserman's appearance on the TODAY show, offering good luck relating to Wasserman's new book and mentioning how a recent article by Wasserman impacted an entrepreneur, and hoping that the new generation might "turn the nuclear maddness around." Also sending along a story on SAT scores and links to nuclear fallout (not enclosed), hoping Wasserman might be able to g... more

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1982 Aug. 8

Allen, June

Letter from June Allen to Harvey Wasserman

Praising Wasserman's July appearance on NBC Today Show where he discussed health risks linked to radiation from nuclear power plants and atomic bomb testing, and mentioning 16 newly reported cases of Polycythemia.

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1983 Sept.

Zinn, Howard, 1922-2010

Letter from Howard Zinn to Harvey Wasserman

Boston (Mass.) - Thanking Wasserman for his note, saying he did receive the bound galleys of Wasserman's book, "American Born & Reborn," which appeals to him in its substance and spirt, and offering a small blurb for Wasserman's editor. A xerox copy of the blub is included.

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1982 Aug. 6

Grossman, Richard L. (Richard Lee), 1943-2011

Letter from Richard Grossman to Harvey Wasserman

Washington D.C. - Thanking Wasserman for his kind words about Environmentalists for Full Employment in a recent article, and for his order of Grossman's book "Fear at Work," which is on schedule to be published September 3. Also relaying suggesting Wasserman as a political reviewer to "In These Times," and hearing that Wasserman's book, "Killng Our Own," is doing well. Written on Environmentalists for F... more

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1974 Jan. 28

Iriye, Akira

Letter from Akira Iriye to Harvey Wasserman

Responding to Wasserman's earlier letter, and discussing his supervison of Wasserman's field paper as a part of the degree requirements for his Masters of Arts. Iriye comments that Wasserman's idea of examining imperial thought from 1895 to 1917 is too broad, and suggests a more narrow topic with opportunities for new research and thinking. Written on University of Chicago Department o... more

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1983 Aug. 15

Wasserman, Harvey, 1945-

Letter from Harvey Wasserman to David Halberstam

Falmouth (Mass.) - Sending a bound galley of Wasserman's book "America Born & Reborn," and asking for Halberstam's opinion, particularly on the treatment of the Vietnam Era, given that Halberstam's work on that era was so influental for Wasserman. Asking also about a specific moment, whether Halberstam had read about Eisenhower offering the French two nuclear weapons. Sent via Wasserman's editor, Jeff N... more

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2014 Feb. 5

Nader, Ralph

Letter from Ralph Nader to Harvey Wasserman

Writing that Wasserman's list was excellent, and asking if he saw their list of Canadian medicare over Obamacare, and suggesting Wasserman see the website singlepayeraction.org. Telling Wasserman to write to the Canadian magazine, Corporate Knights, about a clipping (clipping not enclosed).

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1982 Aug.

Komanoff, Charles

Letter from Charles Komanoff to Harvey Wasserman

New York (N.Y.) - A response to a short note from Wasserman to Komanoff, which appears on the top of this letter and mentions Wasserman's scheduled appearance on the Today Show to discuss the anti-nuclear movement. Komanoff informs Wasserman that he does not have a television, mentions his break up with Gail, and hopes to stay in touch.

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