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1978 Apr. 2

Fox, Mary

State bill 90 Insurance would cover outpatient mental health

Ohio - Contains information on State Bill 90, which would require coverage for outpatient mental health and alcoholism treatment if hospital coverage is provided in group rates. Ellen Colom is one of the people who was interviewed for the article, where she discusses the necessity for coverage for outpatient care.

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1978 Feb. 26

Fox, Mary

Mental illness No longer is it considered an incurable disease

Ohio - Article about depression and mental illness, how they can be treated, and how the continued stigma against being mentally ill means far fewer people seek help than need it. Starts with details of Ellen Colom's behavior when she had a mental breakdown and her time hospitalized, and her rise to be a board member and volunteer with the Mental Health Association.

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1978 Dec. 1

McDonald, Margaret

Task force proposes ECT guidelines

New York (N.Y.) - Presenting findings from the controversial report published by the Task Force on Electroconvulsive Therapy at the APA including the suggested that a special committee be established to "monitor and supervise the recommendations of this report...."

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1978 Dec. 11

Severo, Richard

Mental patients seek 'liberation' in rising challenge to therapy

New York (N.Y.) - Positive writeup on the psychiatric survivor movement discussing litigation, vocabulary, shock therapy and drugs.

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1988 Oct. 18

Divorce-fixing case Myerson's lawyer rips into testimony

San Francisco (Calif.) - Article on the "Bess Mess Trial" referencing the shock treatment of Sukhreet Gabel used to discredit her as a witness.

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1978 Dec. 10

Sifford, Darrell, 1931-

His crusade: electroshock

Philadelphia (Pa.) - Criticism of Leonard Roy Frank and his anti-ECT activism, despite the author's stated sympathy for the cause.

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1979 Jan. 29

A new report of mind-control work by the CIA

San Francisco (Calif.) - On a report of CIA human-behavior and mind control projects using electroshock techniques and the indication that these trials persisted beyond the initial MK-ULTRA project which ended in 1963. Section of article about Dr. Cameron's controversial work in Canada is circled in pencil.

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1978 Sept. 20

Levinson, Leon

MD suing for $1.5 million loses 11-year court battle

Montréal (Québec) - Reporting on the failure of a lawsuit alleging brain damage suffered by a psychiatrist who was administered intensive shock treatments according to the Page-Russel method. Evidence was not sufficient to prove brain damage or financial loss on the part of the victim or wrong doing by the doctor being prosecuted.

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1980 June 23

Knox, Richard A.

Massachusetts makes complaints against doctors a secret

Boston (Mass.) - On a law passed through legislature and signed by Governor Edward J. King which keeps alleged and proven cases of malpractice, fraud or other unethical acts hidden from the public.

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1979 Jan. 8

CIA once tried electroshock, though it created 'vegetables'

San Francisco (Calif.) - On a report of CIA human-behavior and mind control projects using electroshock techniques. Including images from secret memos released under a Freedom of Information request.

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