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Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

A Working Definition of Empowerment

Boston (Mass.) - Chamberlin discusses the vague usage of the word "empowerment," especially in regards to psychiatric rehabilitation, lays out some qualities of empowerment, and discusses these qualities in detail to try to uncover some practical ways to increase psychiatric empowerment.

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1980 Jan. 6

Dietz, Jean

Wonder drugs will work their magic, but self help will be the key

Boston (Mass.) - Speculates on the way mental health will be treated in the 1990s, with an emphasis on use of drugs; there are less psychiatrists and less patients, with the possibility of the "banishment of many forms of mental illness in the 1980s." Chamberlin is briefly referenced along with her book "On Our Own" where she talks about how hopefully there will be growing acceptance of patients' rights and more money... more

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Perspectives Institutional care revisited?

Boston (Mass.) - A series of different view points on the issue of deinstitutionalization from the New England Journal of Human Services. Chamberlin discusses the movement towards deinstitutionalization started as a result of political forces and was not motivated by the needs of patients. Nayman, a health care specialist, believes deinstitutionalization must move towards upgrading the institution with a well-managed ... more

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1978 June 15

Students in St. Louis, beware of 'thin rattan'

Boston (Mass.) - On the St. Louis Board of Education decision to equip schools with a rod for disciplining students.

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1980 June 23

Knox, Richard A.

Massachusetts makes complaints against doctors a secret

Boston (Mass.) - On a law passed through legislature and signed by Governor Edward J. King which keeps alleged and proven cases of malpractice, fraud or other unethical acts hidden from the public.

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