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Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

What does it mean to be labeled as insane?

Chamberlin's reflections on her time in the mental health system.

Judi Chamberlin Papers


Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

Voluntary and involuntary commitment: the semantics of deception

An article about the use of words by psychiatrists and mental health workers to conceal the poor treatment of mental patients.

Judi Chamberlin Papers


Perspectives Institutional care revisited?

Boston (Mass.) - A series of different view points on the issue of deinstitutionalization from the New England Journal of Human Services. Chamberlin discusses the movement towards deinstitutionalization started as a result of political forces and was not motivated by the needs of patients. Nayman, a health care specialist, believes deinstitutionalization must move towards upgrading the institution with a well-managed ... more

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1978 May 21

Koenig, Peter

The problem that can't be tranquilized

West Side (New York, N.Y.) - Discusses the issue of dumping the "poor, chronically mentally ill patients out of state hospitals into dilapidated quarters in neighborhoods reluctant to accept them." Koenig mentions the daily life of someone living in the Continental Hotel. Solutions Koenig discusses include putting homeless mentally ill people in "decent halfway houses and give them work in sheltered workshops" as well as have com... more

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1982 Mar. 3

Lipman, Harvy

Musante fulminates

Northampton (Mass.) - Newspaper article from the Valley Advocate which talks about the aftermath of a Northampton State Hospital patient setting a fire that killed one elderly woman and severely burned another while she was out on a day pass from the hospital. Mayor David Musante used the event as a springboard to decry a consent decree which allows the Department of Mental Health to set up a network of community programs ... more

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1980 Sept.

Torrey, E. Fuller (Edwin Fuller), 1937-

Refusing to take your medicine

Article from "Psychology Today" speculating what a future appeal of Judge Joseph L. Tauro's ruling that patients in Boston State Hospital have the right to refuse injections of psychotropic drugs. Torrey considers how the appeal may play out with a transcript in which two attorneys make the cases for and against the decision, with the ultimate decision to be to overturn Judge Tauro's decision. Chamber... more

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1978 June 25

Somerville, Barbara

Rights of mental patients

Palm Beach (Fla.) - Detailing the experiences in psychiatric hospitals of three women: Judi Chamberlin, author of "On Our Own", Sally Zinman, head of the Florida Mental Patients' Rights Association, and Tanya Temkin of Network Against Psychiatric Assault in San Francisco. They also talk about patients' rights. A related story discusses steps being taken to improve patients' rights at the Comprehensive Community Mental He... more

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1980 July 1

Jacobs, John, 1950-2000

The problems of mental health patients in state

San Francisco (Calif.) - Relating the testimony given at the state Department of Health on the shortcomings of the Lantermen-Petris-Short act. On involuntary commitment, the over prescription of psychotropic drugs and the various dehumanizing experiences of institutionalized persons. Leonard Roy Frank is mentioned as a representative of the Bay Area Committee for Alternatives to Psychiatry.

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1979 Dec. 6

Herrington, B.S.

U.S. Court upholds drug refusal right

Washington (D.C.) - On the success of the class action suit against Boston State Hospital filed in an attempt to stop forced drugging and seclusion in non-emergency situations. Including negative reactions from APA Counsel Joel Klein and doctors from local psychiatric facilities.

Judi Chamberlin Papers


Psychiatric secure units

Syracuse (N.Y.) - Photocopied from the Winter issue of The Abolitionist. Voicing concern over new NHS facilities and forced committment in England.

Judi Chamberlin Papers