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1957 Aug.

World News (London, England)

World News, number 30 clipping

London (England) - Pages 467-470 and 477-478 of the paper's 30th issue, featuring pieces on a new steel plant in Newport, Wales; democracy in British Guiana; an uprising in Oman; and "Beakers, boats and balloons" in Olympia.

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Robeson and Du Bois listed in 'Who's Who'

London (England) - Noting the recent addition of W. E. B. Du Bois's entry in the English biographical publication, joining Paul Robeson, whose name has been featured "for several years."

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1945 Oct.

Padmore, George, 1902-1959

Pan-Africans Extend Greetings to Negro America

London (England) - Summarizing and quoting from the final resolution passed at the Fifth Pan African Congress (see also mums312-b107-i461) and naming some of the occasion's most notable figures.

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Survey of African territories Sir Malcolm Hailey's return

London (England) - Noting the Baron's return to London from his 10-month tour of Africa as Director of the African Research Survey.

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1957 Nov.

World News (London, England)

World News, number 41 clipping

London (England) - Pages 647-650 of the paper's 41st number, featuring cartoon, and story on the diamond industry in Sierra Leone, and a discussion of pensions and inflation.

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1945 Nov. 7

Daily Herald (Great Britain)

Winfall of £481,097

London (England) - Newspaper clipping on dividends of the Belgian Congo Company, Tanganyika Concessions, South African Distilleries, and other companies, evidencing "a typical example of what we were discussing on Sunday" regarding colonial operations.

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1946 July

League of Coloured Peoples

Death of Mr. Herbert Macaulay

London (England) - Pages 73 and 74 of the League's July newsletter, noting the May 7, 1946 death of Nigerian Council President Herbert Macaulay.

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West Africa (London, England)

Fragment from West Africa newspaper

London (England) - Clipping describing the celebration celebrated for the 50th anniversary of the Royal West African Frontier Force.

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African World

Four years' retrospect Thy tablets, memory

London (England) - An Anglo-centric summary and analysis of the events of (and leading up to) World War I, by J. L Garvin of the Observer, and feature on "South Africa and the Empire's Call" by Lieut. Walford Dowling of Johannesburg.

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1919 Dec.

African World

The maker of the Sudan An appreciation

London (England) - A feature on the role of England in the modern Sudan, and particularly the role therein of Sir Reginald Wingate, to whom that nation is "a land of great expectations."

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