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1989 Oct.

Articles about Australian television industry

Concerning the chaotic situation in Australia in the television industry.

Mark H. McCormack Papers


Australian television articles

Various clippings about the problems with the Australian television industry and networks.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1989 May

Empire in the Sun

Article about Australia's biggest television magnate, Christopher Skase.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1926 Sept.

Gottlieb, Theodore Draper

Retracing Old Red Cross Trails

Newark (N.J.) - Describes Gottlieb revisiting areas of France in which he served with American Red Cross during World War I.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1944 Dec.

DeVault, Don

Conscription and personality

Mancos (Colo.) - "This article [critiquing Civilian Public Service camps] was written... while in the Marquette County jail awaiting trial for insisting on doing research on penicillin instead of the building of duck ponds to which he had been assigned at Germfask..." Issued as an issue of the CPS-GI newsletter from CPS Camp in Mancos, Colo.

Caleb Foote Papers

1944 Apr. 20

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Civilian Public Service

San Francisco (Calif.) - Article written after visit to the Civilian Public Service camp at Lapine, Ore, published in the CPS-GI, a newsletter from CPS Camp #111 at Mancos, Colo. Concerning the radicals and resisters at Lapine and objections to conscription and war.

Caleb Foote Papers

1942 Nov.

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Colonists in Wyoming

Article on Japanese American relocation to Heart Mountain, from Beacon: the organ of the Northern California Mental Hygiene Society.

Caleb Foote Papers

1948 Oct.

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Politics and freedom

New York (N.Y.) - Article on less government. Appeared in Fellowship, Oct. 1948.

Caleb Foote Papers

1945 Mar.

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

The third evacuation?

Berkeley (Calif.) - Article for the California Newsletter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, on a potential new phase in the Japanese American evacuation.

Caleb Foote Papers

1945 Jan.

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Our American Fellowship of Reconciliation

Critique of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and its current work.

Caleb Foote Papers