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1977 Sept.

Miller, Jerome G., 1931-2015

Beware the 'experts on mental health

Washington (D.C.) - Miller criticizes the mental health movement in which he calls "at best an inherently stagnant system, and at worst a repressive one." He calls out the mental health bureaucracy which have created a system of care "unaccountable to its clientele" and that many of those clientele are essentially captives in the system. He then suggests some caveats to pursuing this work, including stimulating consumeri... more

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1980 Sept.

Torrey, E. Fuller (Edwin Fuller), 1937-

Refusing to take your medicine

Article from "Psychology Today" speculating what a future appeal of Judge Joseph L. Tauro's ruling that patients in Boston State Hospital have the right to refuse injections of psychotropic drugs. Torrey considers how the appeal may play out with a transcript in which two attorneys make the cases for and against the decision, with the ultimate decision to be to overturn Judge Tauro's decision. Chamber... more

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1976 June

Perlin, Michael L., 1946-

The right to refuse treatment in New Jersey

New Jersey - Discussing the Patients' Bill of Rights, in which mental patients have the right to refuse medication, be free of corporal punishment, not be subject to experimental research or treatment, and be free from physical restraint and isolation. There are also steps in place to determine the necessity of electroshock treatment if a patient is adjudicated incompetent.

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1978 June 25

Somerville, Barbara

Rights of mental patients

Palm Beach (Fla.) - Detailing the experiences in psychiatric hospitals of three women: Judi Chamberlin, author of "On Our Own", Sally Zinman, head of the Florida Mental Patients' Rights Association, and Tanya Temkin of Network Against Psychiatric Assault in San Francisco. They also talk about patients' rights. A related story discusses steps being taken to improve patients' rights at the Comprehensive Community Mental He... more

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1981 Jan. 4

Livingston, Gary

Ombudsman of the damned

New York (N.Y.) - Gary describes his role as ombudsman, which means that he protects the rights of patients in Creedmoor Psychiatric Center and acts as mediator in cases where treatment grievances arise on individual and staff levels. He talks briefly about his own history as psychiatric inmate after shooting his parents, explains how psychiatrists warned that he was still dangerous, but that since then Gary and his pa... more

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1979 Aug. 27

Hentoff, Nat

The limited revenge of the seven 'crazy' women

New York (N.Y.) - On a specific case of institutional abuse concerning seven incarcerated women submitted to inhumane conditions, forced drugging and other forms of psychiatric control. Describing S.T.E.A.D.Y. (Steps Toward Eventual Acceptance of a Disciplined You), a behavior modification program used by the Matteawan state mental hospital. Examining the national significance of the case.

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1983 Mar.

Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010

Some questions about advocacy To which I don't know the answers

Somerville (Mass.) - On the difficulty of the position of patient advocate and the complicated nature of a client's need or want of advocacy.

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1979 Dec. 7

McMillen, Ronald

In the public eye Psychiatry in the mass media

Washington (D.C.) - Concerning favorable media coverage on the psychiatry field and its connection to the American Psychiatric Association. Recounting positive articles on diagnosis and treatment; including psychopharmacology and shock therapy.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1979 Dec. 31

Hentoff, Nat

The man who was convicted of reading a book

New York (N.Y.) - On the trial and appeal of bookseller Frank Giese who was convicted of conspiracy in the bombing of recruiting stations in Portland, Oregon with the only evidence against him being fingerprints on a single book. A sentence characterizing a witness as dishonest and untrustworthy due to his criminal record and history of mental illness is underlined, presumably by Judi Chamberlin.

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Fisher, Daniel B.

The Human and legal impact of involuntary interventions in mental health

Lawrence (Mass.) - Reflections on the Third Roundtable Discussion of Involuntary Interventions sponsored by the CSP, Center for Mental Health Services.

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