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Garson, Marvin

The Invisible mentally handicapped

Los Angeles (Calif.) - Personal narrative of the author's experience with mental illness and institutionalization.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1978 Feb. 6

Hentoff, Nat

On the trail of the hitting freaks

New York (N.Y.) - On the practice of physical punishment of children in schools. Tracing legal decisions on the subject. An interview with a social psychologist implies that there is a danger that mentally ill teachers or children are at risk of being involved in an instance of corporal punishment which would be especially egregious.

Judi Chamberlin Papers


Transpersonal perspectives on psychosis

Ojai (Calif.) - On a course, "Transpersonal Perspectives on Psychosis," being offered at UCLA by David Lukoff, PhD. Proposing a positive understanding and spiritual potential of psychotic episodes.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1975 Aug. 1

Tybor, Joseph R.

Whose judgment's faulty?

Chicago (Ill.) - On the institutionalization and forced treatment of Bob Friedman.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1987 Jan. 15

Knútsson, Hope

OT's mental health revolution in Iceland

London (England) - Journal article on Knútsson's experience working as an occupational therapist at the psychiatric hospital in Iceland and her resulting disillusionment which gave way to her establishing Geðhjálp, a patient controlled alternative mental health drop-in center.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1980 Feb.

Massachusetts discrimination law reporter

Summary & analysis

New York (N.Y.) - Describing the Rogers v. Okin right to refuse treatment case and how to ensure compliance with new federal regulations on forced drugging.

Judi Chamberlin Papers


Livingston, Gary

In the lion's den An ex-patient views the APA convention

Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.) - Describing Livingston's experience at an APA conference. Crticizing the current model of psychiatry and making suggestions for its improvement. Endorsing the view of a Dr. Seymour Sarason who posits that "psychology is in a crisis." Encouraging members of the patients' liberation movement to consider involving professionals in their efforts to reform mental health services. Quoting Judi Chamberlin's b... more

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1982 Mar. 4

Washington post article with handwritten notes

Washington (D.C.) - Handwritten notes from Chamberlin of corrections to an article, 'Alexandrian Dies Under Subway Train,' which misrepresented friend Arthur Janovsky.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1983 July 27

Ramsey, T. Alan

Towards a Marxist understanding of 'mental illness'

Concerning Guardian articles written by Lenny Lapon, Richard Morrock and Steve Holochuck regarding "mental illness". Holochuck's theory is that the concept of mental illness should be reframed by Marxists and the group should instead be considered "intensely alienated."

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1981 Dec.

Plainedge Public Library

News for the consumer

Massapequa (N.Y.) - Newsletter about acid heartburn and relief or treatment.

Judi Chamberlin Papers