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The second Pan-African Congress

New York (N.Y.) - Article from The Crisis regarding plans for the Second Pan African Congress. Includes a list of attendees and notes that W. E. B. Du Bois has been asked to speak.

W. E. B. Du Bois Papers


Extracts from a speech by Marcus Garvey

Extracts from a speech likely given by Marcus Garvey, describing the aims of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and the financial goals of the Black Star Line.

W. E. B. Du Bois Papers

1926 Dec.

Extracts from letters to John P. Fletcher

Received "in appreciation of the visit of Mr. William Pickens" following his recent appearance at the Bristol Folk House.

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Party representation in congress

Lists the party representation in Congress from the 1st congress through the 68th; breaks down information on the 1924 presidential campaign.

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Spelman Messenger

Extract from the Spelman Messenger

Concerning the officers for extra curricular activities for 1932-1933 for various Spelman College campus organizations, the Atlanta-Morehouse-Spelman summer school, the Tuskegee relays and a poem by F. Ednah Bethea.

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Photographs of Chief Silas Molema and Rev. J.D. Goronyane

Extract of two photographs, one of Chief Silas Molema of Mafeking, the first Chuana journalist and one of Rev. J.D. Goronyane of Thaba Ncho, the first Chuana printer. Photographers identified as G. May and Dealer.

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Crisis (Firm)

Extract from the Crisis

New York (N.Y.) - Extract includes "suggestions for Xmas gifts," as well as clubbing offers for magazines and newspapers.

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1923 Sept. 18

Hunt, Ida Gibbs, 1862-1957

Extract of a letter from the Secretary General, Prof. Beton to Mrs. Ida Gibbs Hunt

Paris (France) - Regarding the success of a meeting with Hunt about planning the third Pan African Congress. Hunt notes in English that she was successful but does not want to take a bigger role in the Congress.

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Etchings of Joseph Pennell

Biographical information about artist Joseph Pennell.

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United States . Congress

The Washington public school situation extracts from the hearing before the select committee of the United States Senate (Resolution 310) -- with comments

Washington (D.C.) - Excerpts from hearings investigating the tenure of R. C. Bruce as the Assistant Superintendent of colored schools in Washington D. C.

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