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Providence (R.I.) - Obituary of Providence Quaker.

Samuel Austin Collection

1848 Jan. 28

Quaboag Seminary

Quaboag Seminary: The spring term will commence on Wednesday, March 1st, and continue eleven weeks

S.l. - Flier announcing new semester of the Quaboag Seminary, issued under the name of the principal, Austin J. Coolidge

Mary Ann Moore Richardson Collection


Free produce meeting

Newport (R.I.) - Report of an organizational Free Produce meeting at Newport, with names of officers and representatives in New England monthly meetings.

Samuel Austin Collection


At a meeting of Friends held at their meeting-house in Newport, 6th mo. 17th, 1852

Newport (R.I.) - Pledge list with printed heading to support Free Produce: "We subscribing this article, hereby pledge ourself to each other that we will endeavor to promote the use of the productions of free labor in preference to those of slave labor by providing, when they can be obtained, such articles for ourselves and the consumption of our families; and by encouraging their use b... more

Samuel Austin Collection


George Howland

New Bedford (Mass.) - Obituary of New Bedford whaleman, with one line apparently excised. The broadside notes that it is based on an article in the Whaleman's Shipping List for June 1, 1852 (p.62).

Samuel Austin Collection

1866 Sept.

New Salem Academy

Invitation to the sixty-eighth New Salem Academy reunion and old home day

New Salem (Mass.) - Advertising when the fall, winter, spring, and summer terms start. This includes the start dates, how much the tuition per quarter costs, and how much the cost of boarding would be.

New Salem Academy Records


Otis, R. C.

Rev. L. L. Langstroth's / Movable Comb Hive / Patented October 5, 1852

Rochester (N.Y.) - Advertising for sales of individual or territorial rights to Langstroth's moveable comb hive, including testimonials, references, and promotion of bee-keeping for ladies; illustrations of bees, the hive and frames, a bee hat, and Langstroth holding a comb.

D. H. Coggeshall Papers


A. Benedict & Son

The Italian or Ligurian honey bee

Mt. Gilead (Ohio) - Advertisement for sale of Italian bees, first introduced to the United Sates in 1860, with instructions for introducing queens to black bees and advertisements (and partial price list) for frame bee hives, stock, poultry, and seeds. Sold by Aaron Benedict, Morrow Co., Ohio.

D. H. Coggeshall Papers


Van Deusen, C. C.

C. C. Van Deusen's bee-feeder, patented July 5, 1870 Circular for 1872

Advertising for bee feeder for "All intelligent Bee-Keepers;" includes two small illustrations.

D. H. Coggeshall Papers


Chas. Dadant & Son

Circular of Italian bees, imported queens, colonies, comb foundation, extractors, etc.

Hamilton (Ill.) - Catalog and price list for bees and beekeeping supplies, including queens, comb foundation, hives, tin pails, extractors, honey knives, bee-veils, jars, uncapping cans, smokers, and saws.

D. H. Coggeshall Papers