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Miller, Cynthia

Letter fragment from Cynthia Miller

Fragments of a letter to an unidentified recipient in which Kalisa discusses being moved by the unidentified recipient's story. She mentions preparing herself to speak out at a Psychiatric Oppression demonstration. She starts to talks about why the abuses that people suffer in the mental health industry 'concern everyone', but trails off.

Cynthia Miller Papers


Miller, Cynthia

Letter from Cynthia Miller to unidentified correspondent

In this fragment of a letter, Cynthia questions and comments an unidentified correspondent's paper. She brings up concepts like "battered woman syndrome" and how this brings up a question for her about the need of psychological witnesses to state the fitness of straight women and lesbians as mothers. She criticizes the correspondent's focus on feminist therapy. She also brings up a written threat to a... more

Cynthia Miller Papers


Project Release

Challenge system not its victims fragment

New York (N.Y.) - Statement on the publicly perceived problem of "chronic mental patients." Taking issue with the New York Department of Mental Hygiene's harmful practices and facilities. Including type written note referring to the document as "a joint effort of Howie's and mine."

Cynthia Miller Papers