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1945 Mar.

South African Institute of Race Relations

Race Relations News

Johannesburg (South Africa) - Volume II, Number 3 of the Institute's monthly bulletin; comprising features on social security, a national health service, and the prospective Pan African Congress, among other items.

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1958 June

Gensuibaku Kinshi Nihon Kokumin Kaigi (Japan)

No more Hiroshimas! No. 6 Vol. 5

Tokyo (Japan) - Newsletter of the Japan Council Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs. Articles include: a march of peace from Hiroshima to Tokyo, various efforts in Japan to stop nuclear proliferation, the Fourth World Conference Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs and for Disarmament, and reports of worldwide antinuclear efforts,

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1958 Mar. 29

Advice to my Great-Grandson The wisdom that comes with 90 years

Remarks made by Du Bois at his 90th birthday celebration in the form of advice to his grandson.

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1952 Aug. 22

African Council

African view

Hertfordshire (England) - Providing news on the British occupation of Africa, "western civilisation" and war, and the death of a West Indian seaman by a South African police constable.

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1944 Sept.

League of Coloured Peoples

League of Coloured Peoples newsletter

Peckham (London, England) - September newsletter of the League of Coloured Peoples, containing letter from President Harold Moody, obituary for Felix Eboue, various news items, and secretary's notes.

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1950 May 12

Peace Information Center

Peace-gram vol. 1, no.1

New York (N.Y.) - Includes news of the release of the Stockholm Appeal by the Committee of the World Congress of Defenders of Peace, efforts to collect signatures for the Appeal throughout the world, peace groups in the United States, Latin America, Europe, China, and the Netherlands

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1961 July 18

First Friends Church (Whittier, Calif.) . College chronicle

College chronicle, volume I, number 3

Whittier (Calif.) - Noting some upcoming events at the First Friends Church and reprinting a biography of the institution's recent guest, Benjamin Wegesa (see also mums312-b154-i125).

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1951 Aug. 18

Progressive Party (U.S. : 1948)

News from the Progressive Party number 1

New York (N.Y.) - The first issue of the monthly Progressive Party newsletter, containing information on the arms program, the Production Controls Act, the Korean War, the 1952 presidential race, and the American Resistance Movement.

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1949 Nov.

National Committee to Free the Ingram Family

Ingram newsletter

New York (N.Y.) - Describing the goals and makeup of the Committee; seeking support of its nation-wide campaign for freedom for the Ingram's; announcing a November 17 conference on the cause in Washington, D.C.; outlining "stepping stones on road to freedom"; noting the nation's general response to the case, and to the Committee's efforts therein; and relaying news on a host of related m... more

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1961 May 15

Harvard University . Foundation for Advanced Study and Research

Harvard Foundation for Advanced Study and Research newsletter

Cambridge (Mass.) - Relaying news on the University Library collection; a new center for Hellenic studies; the return to the faculty of George B. Kistiakowsky; and notes on various alumni organizations and museum exhibits.

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