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Schettini, Eugenio

Eugenio Schettini oral history with Robert A. Potash: transcript and questions

Argentina - Robert Potash's questions and a transcript from an interview with Colonel Eugenio Schetinni. Topics include his relationship with General Onganía and the men involved in his government; his work, anecdotes, stories and resignation as Mayor of Buenos Aires.

Robert A. Potash Papers

1976 – 1989

Arredondo, Roberto J. M.

Roberto Arredondo oral history with Robert A. Potash: transcript and documents

Argentina - Robert Potash's notes and transcript of an interview with General Roberto Arredondo and letters including one from Arredondo to General Don Eduardo Castro Sánchez. The interview with Arredondo covers his opinions on the groups that went against Illia's government as well as his political viewpoints. Correspondence between Potash and Arredondo discusses the trials and subsequent sentencing of ... more

Robert A. Potash Papers