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2013 Dec. 5

McGowan, J. G.

J. G. McGowan: oral history with Rusty Annis

Amherst (Mass.) - Interview with Jon McGowan, early member of the Wind Energy Center at UMass: arrived at UMass in 1967 after working at Dupont. Early impressions of UMass in rapid growth. Interest in thermodynamics and energy conversion; introduction to Bill Heronemus and renewable energy. Early grants for ocean thermal energy and wind energy and creation of the "Solar house," putting ... more

UMass Amherst Oral History Collection

2018 Apr. 22

Nguyen, Phong P.

Phong P. Nguyen: interview with Jesse Linder and Minh Nguyen

Springfield (Mass.) - When he immigrated from Vietnam in his mid 20's, fully acclimating to life in the United States seemed a nearly insurmountable challenge to our interviewee, Phong Nguyen. As he described in detail, the night and day contrast of American and Vietnamese culture made adjustment exceedingly difficult. Nguyen found himself needing to adjust to facets of everyday life from the automatic doors of grocery sto... more

Asian Americans in Western Mass. Oral History Collection

2018 May 4

Mao, Sokhen

Sokhen Mao: interview with Christin Howard, Linda Nguyen, Zoe Rechenbach, and Olivia Pfeiffer

Amherst (Mass.) - Mao discusses his youth in Cambodia, where he was born in 1964 and raised on a farm, the forced evacuation from his home during the Vietnam War, and his experiences in refugee camps and his separation and reunion with his family. Mao then describes emigrating to Amherst, Mass. in 1982 after a stay in a refugee camp in Thailand, attending Amherst High School, and the University of Massachusetts. Mao co... more

Asian Americans in Western Mass. Oral History Collection

2018 Apr. 20

Tiwari, Taran

Taran Tiwari: interview with Michael Persau, Jasmine Kirkpatrick, Laurel Donnelly, and Daniel Riley

Springfield (Mass.) - Taran Tiwari is the Executive Director for the Bhutanese Society of Western Massachusetts. Tiwari discusses the historical context that drove Bhutanese refugees out of Bhutan to refugee camps in Nepal, and ultimately to the United States. He describes his own experiences being forced out of Bhutan, serving as a teacher, dean, and principal in Nepal, and moving to Springfield, Massachusetts. He explain... more

Asian Americans in Western Mass. Oral History Collection

2018 Apr. 20

Mata, Ofelia

Ofelia Mata: interview with Xiaoyan Tan

Sunderland (Mass.) - Ofelia Mata was born in Batac Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Now living in the Sunderland, MA she is a full-fledged U.S. citizen. She lives with her husband and four children. As a well-educated woman, she received her bachelor's degree in law before coming to the U.S. The interview discusses her personal experiences and perspectives on her life in the Philippines, immigration to America and assimilation ... more

Asian Americans in Western Mass. Oral History Collection

2018 Nov. 27

Anderson, Anita

Anita Anderson oral history with Matthew Smith

Amherst (Mass.) - Interview with former UMass student, Anita Anderson, about her experiences on campus during 1968-1970, and her life as a musician and activist. Born in Springfield, Mass., Anderson came to UMass through her connection to Outward Bound and on a scholarship from the UMass Committee for the Collegiate Education of Black Students (CCEBS). She was a part of the black student com... more

University of Massachusetts Amherst. Black Pioneers Project Records

2018 Nov. 24

Gautam, Bhuwan

Bhuwan Gautam: interview with Anshul Bhargava

Springfield (Mass.) - Bhuwan Gautam was born in Bhutan and became a refugee at the age of seven. He lived in the Timai refugee camp in Eastern Nepal for fifteen years before resettling in the United States in 2008. Mr. Gautam worked as a behavioral specialist at a community health center for two years and has over five years of experience working with refugee resettlement. Mr. Gautam also serves as a co-investigator with t... more

Asian Americans in Western Mass. Oral History Collection

2018 Dec. 19

Chea, Rowun

Roeun Chea: oral history with Lily Tang, Richmond Amoako, Noelle McManus, Mae Humphreville, Christine Yao

Amherst (Mass.) - 50-year-old Roeun Chea is an art and math intervention teacher at Springfield Public School. Born in Cambodia, he was forced into a concentration camp under the reign of the Khmer Rouge, where he remained for three years. After spending another three years in a refugee camp, he resettled with a foster family in Western Massachusetts. Though excited and grateful for the new opportunities presented to h... more

Asian Americans in Western Mass. Oral History Collection

2018 Nov. 24

Do, Phuong

Phuong Do: oral history with Hamza Mustafa, Li Chen, Adria Stephens, Hannah Wang, and Samantha Klein

Springfield (Mass.) - Phuong Do is a self-described daughter, wife, mother, and social worker. Her job allows her to be involved with the Vietnamese/American Community as a mental health counselor, using her bilingualism to extend healthcare to Vietnamese/Americans in the area. Her immigration to the U.S. was marked by difficulty, especially with the language barrier and cultural assimilation, which are struggles that pers... more

Asian Americans in Western Mass. Oral History Collection

2014 Feb. 12

Wolff, Michael, 1927-

Michael Wolff: oral history interview with Russell Annis

Amherst (Mass.) - Oral history interview with Michael Wolff, Professor Emeritus in Department of English at UMass Amherst. Came to the US from London to teach at Indiana University (1955-1969), then recruited by Hayden White to UMass in 1970 while on a fellowship at Wesleyan. Study at Cambridge; military service; work in civil service; career in English.

UMass Amherst Sesquicentennial Oral History Collection