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1986 Student Directed Festival program

Brookline (Mass.) - A program for the Brookline High School Drama Society of the Performing Arts, of which Judi Chamberlin's daughter, Julie, was involved.

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Rehabilitation International

1980 World Congress of Rehabilitation International

Winnipeg (Man.) - Contains information on the workshops and presentations that will be held at the 1980 World Congress, as well as information on pre-Congress and post-Congress seminars and conferences; many of these are about rehabilitation, including vocational rehabilitation, and preventative health services.

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1978 Oct.

Second national conference on the legal rights of the mentally disabled program

Topeka (Kan.) - A tentative program for the Second National Conference on the Legal Rights of the Mentally Disabled, which includes the sessions that are planned and the speakers who will be present.

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1990 Mar. 16

Pini, Pino

Sviluppi dell'auto-aiuto psichiatrico

Florence (Italy) - Schedule for a conference entitled "Development of Psychiatric Self-Help." One anticipated event is to present the Italian edition of "On Our Own" with Chamberlin's presence at the conference expected.

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1975 Oct.

Motivating Emotionally Disturbed and Autistic Children

Third Annual North East Regional Conference for Autistic and Severely Disturbed Children

Lewiston (Me.) - Program of events, speakers, and workshops dealing with care and education of children with mental illnesses or autism. Includes directions to the conference, lodging information, and registration form.

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1997 May 13

MIND (Mental health association)

Opportunity knocks Employment and mental health: creativity v. discrimination

London (England) - A conference on the discrimination people with mental health issues face when seeking employment with workshops on how to get and keep a job.

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1978 Aug. 9

Kansas Bar Association

Second national conference on the legal rights of the mentally disabled

Topeka (Kan.) - Program detailing the sessions and panels that will be held at the Second National Conference on the Legal Rights of the Mentally Disabled, including ones on deinstitutionalization, right to refuse treatment, third part control, and mock commitment hearing. There is information on the objectives of the conference and the speakers involved. A short letter from Dick to Judi is attached to the front, say... more

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1995 Feb. 25

In memoriam Howie the Harp

Oakland (Calif.) - Celebrating the life of Howard Geld. Ted Chabasinski, Boona Cheema, Marye Thomas, Warren Widener, Sally Zinman and others are among the speakers. A short biography of Howie is included.

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1983 Dec.

Psychiatrie in werkelijkheid slotkongres

Amsterdam (Netherlands) - Program for the final congress of Psychiatry in Reality. Topics include user experiences, government policy of psychiatry and treatment, and how the mental health system should really be.

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