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1944 May 14

Langland, Joseph

Letter from Joseph Langland to Judith G. Wood Langland

England - Visit to an old castle. Local Methodist Sunday School.

Joseph Langland Papers

1944 Aug.

Paul Engle -- Iowa's poet and author

Iowa - Article on Engle apparently from a University of Iowa publication.

Joseph Langland Papers

1944 Oct. 22

Camp Wolters Church Bulletin

Camp Wolters (Tex.) - Program for church service at Camp Wolters.

Joseph Langland Papers


Arc de Triomphe

Paris (France) - Commercial view of the Arc de Triomphe.

Joseph Langland Papers

1942 July

Langland, Judy G. Wood

Birch bark sample

Bread Load (Vt.) - Slivers of birch, presumably taken near Bread Loaf.

Joseph Langland Papers

1943 Apr.

Raft survivors

Newspaper article on a boy Judy taught in Barre, Basil D. Issi, who survivng 83 days aboard a raft after his ship was torpedoed.

Joseph Langland Papers

1943 Nov.

Langland, Joseph

Certificate of reimbursement of travel of dependents from Joseph Langland

Request for reimbursement of travel for Judy Langland to visit her husband at Camp Wolters.

Joseph Langland Papers

1945 June 12

Langland, Harold D.

Telegram from Harold D. Langland to Clara M. Langland

Philippines - Greetings on mother's day.

Joseph Langland Papers

1943 May

Joseph Langland: portrait in uniform, seated

Texas - Photograph of Langland seated before a mantle in an armchair.

Joseph Langland Papers