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United States. Post Office

Application for domestic money order

Blank form, with notice of fees printed on verso.

Joseph Langland Papers

1944 Jan. 8

Langland, Harold D.

Card from Harold D. Langland to Clara M. Langland

San Francisco (Calif.) - Printed change of address form.

Joseph Langland Papers

1945 June

Langland family

Card from Langland family

Spring Grove (Minn.) - Printed card thanking the recipient for their expression of sympathy on Harold's death.

Joseph Langland Papers

1943 Nov.

Langland, Joseph

Certificate of reimbursement of travel of dependents from Joseph Langland

Request for reimbursement of travel for Judy Langland to visit her husband at Camp Wolters.

Joseph Langland Papers

1943 Feb.

Langland, Joseph

Except from letter from Joseph Langland to Norman Foerster

Camp Wolters (Tex.) - Writing, social democracy, and the war.

Joseph Langland Papers

1941 Dec.

Langland, Judy G. Wood

Greeting card from Judy G. Wood Langland to Joseph Langland

Wonders how the declaration of war affects his draft status. Will have three performances of the Christmas play.

Joseph Langland Papers


Jeeping through Bavaria with Zusi

Germany - Four illustrations of life in Bavaria under military government: US Army officer and MP; Jeep in a mountain road; Jeep in a village; woman and man.

Joseph Langland Papers

1945 June 8

Langland, Clara M.

Letter from Clara M. Langland to Harold D. Langland

Spring Grove (Minn.) - Finally finished planting corn, but it looks yellow and sickly. Cold all across Minnesota and Wisconsin, with snow on June 2. Charles is planning on a new pickup truck, but no one should help him since he will no repay: she hopes "he never gets in so deep as most or all the former Langland tribe."

Joseph Langland Papers

1945 Aug. 29

Langland, Clara M.

Letter from Clara M. Langland to Joseph Langland

Spring Grove (Minn.) - Warm day at last; has not written much since Harold's death. Memorial service for Harold with a large crowd.

Joseph Langland Papers

1943 June 19

Langland, Clara M.

Letter from Clara M. Langland to Joseph and Judith G. Wood Langland

Spring Grove (Minn.) - Since they will not soon have their own home, will send money for a wedding gift.

Joseph Langland Papers