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Programme of sports, Enfield Centennial

Enfield (Mass.) - Program of sporting activities held at the Enfield centennial celebration.

Enfield (Mass.) Collection

1916 Mar. 3

Smith, Marion A.

Notecard from Marion A. Smith to Donald W. Howe

Smiths (Mass.) - Cannot serve on the Enfield Centennial Committee, but wishes to cooperate and assist.

Enfield (Mass.) Collection

1916 Mar. 31

Brady, Thomas

Letter from Thomas Brady to Donald W. Howe

New York (N.Y.) - Offer to help promote for the Enfield Centennial Celebration.

Enfield (Mass.) Collection

1916 Mar. 13

Athol Transcript Co.

Letter from Athol Transcript Co. to Donald W. Howe

Athol (Mass.) - Ready and able to do any [printing] work needed for the Enfield Centennial Celebration.

Enfield (Mass.) Collection

1881 – 1885

Enfield Library Association (Enfield, Mass.)

Enfield Library Association (Enfield, Mass.) records

Enfield (Mass.) - Records of the Enfield Library Association, including minutes, lists of members and officers, financial records, and a constitution.

Enfield (Mass.) Collection

1916 Mar. 12

Hayden Costume Company

Letter from Hayden Costume Company to Donald W. Howe

Boston (Mass.) - Offering historic costumes for the Enfield Centennial Celebration: "We have costumed most of the Pageants in New England for the past few years and have given the best of satisfaction."

Enfield (Mass.) Collection

1868 – 1889

Enfield Congregational Church (Enfield, Mass.)

Enfield Congregational Church (Enfield, Mass.) records

Enfield (Mass.) - Annual reports of Standing Committees (1868-1889)

Enfield (Mass.) Collection

1916 Mar. 3

Dodge, Jennie P.

Postcard from Jenni P. Dodge to Donald W. Howe

Smiths (Mass.) - Does not believe she can be counted on to help the Enfield Centennial Committee.

Enfield (Mass.) Collection

1888 – 1908

Enfield (Mass. : Town)

Enfield (Mass. : Town) records

Enfield (Mass.) - Includes town meeting minutes, elections, perambulations, financial records, dogs, etc.

Enfield (Mass.) Collection

1926 – 1929

Enfield Mother's Club (Enfield, Mass.)

Enfield Mother's Club (Enfield, Mass.) records

Enfield (Mass.) - The Enfield Mothers' Club, open to all mothers in Enfield, Mass., was formed in 1916 "to promote the spiritual, intellectual and social life of mothers". It ceased to exist in 1937.

Enfield (Mass.) Collection