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Letter from Dr. Gillette

Bloomfield (Conn.) - Dr. Gillette accepts the invitation from the Temperance Society in Torringford.

Hudson Family Papers

1840 Aug. 6

Foster, Abby Kelley, 1811-1887

Letter from Abby Kelley to Erasmus Darwin Hudson

Salisbury (Conn.) - Kelley has been attending meetings around the state of Connecticut.

Hudson Family Papers

1847 June 9

Hathaway, J. C.

Letter from J. C. Hathaway to Erasmus Darwin Hudson

Boston (Mass.) - The executive committee will give Hudson 12 dollars a week and pay his travelling expenses.

Hudson Family Papers

1827 Oct. 26

Millard, Royal

Letter from Royal Millard to Erasmus Darwin Hudson

Pittsfield (Mass.) - Receipt of a payment of ten dollars.

Hudson Family Papers

1846 Nov. 13

Fuller, James C.

Letter from James C. Fuller to Erasmus Darwin Hudson

Skanaeteles (N.Y.) - Fuller just arrived home from a tour in Ohio and Indiana.

Hudson Family Papers