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1803 Apr. 2

Davidson, Robert

Letter from Robert Davidson to unidentified recipient

Carlisle (Penn.) - Brief letter written by Robert Davidson as a letter of reference for Abraham and his wife Rebecca Holms. He writes that they have been members of the church since birth and are of unblemished character. He recommends that they be admitted to any other congregation.

Burgett-Irey Family Papers

1873 May 17

Weakley, J. B.

Letter from J. B. Weakley to Louisa Gass

Carlisle (Penn.) - J. B. Weakley begins his letter with apologies, expressing concern for family members who are ill as well as family and friends who have died. He tells the story of how his church was established, the division of the Board of Trustees over payment for the church, and the difficulties that arose. Payment was finally made and the church was out of debt. His writes about the cost of... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers