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1865 Dec. 25

Weakley, Marion

Letter from Marion Weakley to Louisa Gass

Marion writes to Louisa letting her know that just because he is now married does not mean that he will no longer write a Christmas letter. He hopes that she will write back. It has been eight years since they spent Christmas together and he writes how much things have changed. He writes of how people have changed as well as their opinions of people. Over the eight years he has learned to ... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers

1871 Oct. 29

King, Samp

Letter from Samp King to Louisa Gass

Hagerstown (Md.) - Samp King opens the letter to his cousin Louisa Gass talking about health, Sis's toothache, and her visit to the young dentist who broke off her tooth, making matters worse for her. Charley is going to school, but Samp doesn't think the schools are very good. He tells of his visit with Mr. Beck and five young ladies at his boarding house in Chambersburg. He calls Mr. Beck a "q... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers

1834 Oct. 31

Stevenson, Geo

Letter from George Stevenson to Samuel Gass

Manchester (Penn.) - George Stevenson begins this letter by comparing Samuel Gass to a bruised snake writhing in the agonies of death, which he would like to kill but instead will leave so that he can watch him stick out his forked tongue to poison everything around him. George mentions an unnamed book which is a source of tension between the two men. He insists that Samuel cannot judge the contents of the ... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers

1877 Apr. 5

Marshall, Tom

Letter from Tom Marshall to Louisa Gass

Kansas City (Mo.) - Tom's letter to Louisa is cheeky and good natured, beginning with a joking mention of the weather and then a quip about not flirting with all of the women that he saw in the street that day. He goes on to say that he would rather write to any of the other girls that he corresponds with because they would not pick up on all of his mistakes like she does. And Louisa never has any mistakes in h... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers

1934 May 15

Irey, Katherine

Letter from Katherine Irey to Sarah Kessel

Valley Forge National Historical Park (Pa.) - Katherine starts the letter to her mother by scolding her for not writing sooner, although she acknowledges that she doesn't write very often either. She is sending Grace a birthday present which she must return promptly if she doesn't like it. Katherine wishes that she lived close enough to her mother to be able to bring her some fresh flowers. She writes about the various successes and fail... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers

1832 July 10

Holmes, James

Letter from James Holmes to Rebecca Boden

Memphis (Tenn.) - James Holmes writes to his mother Rebecca from the Chickasaw Nation. He tells of his recent journey home on a North River steamboat which was nearly 2,000 miles long and took about 2 weeks time. The modes of transportation and the scenery were so varied that the trip seemed to go by quickly. James details the various places he visited or passed through and the family that he saw. His wife ... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers

1933 Mar. 8

Irey, Katherine

Letter from Katherine Irey to June Kessel

United States - Katherine Irey begins her letter to June Kessel explaining the reason she enclosed only two photographs: daughter Junie got a hold of the film in her purse and unrolled it. The two pictures sent were the only two left unexposed. While she was rather upset with Junie, she couldn't scold her because she wouldn't understand what the fuss was about. Katherine then writes about ... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers

1933 Mar. 27

Irey, Katherine

Letter from Katherine Irey to Janet MacDowell

Katherine writes to her sister Jan about various family members and their whereabouts. She commends Rex for writing very satisfyingly newsy letters and mentions that Donnie only writes short notes about school and Mrs. Irey writes about church and murder cases that Mr. Irey is working on. Katherine asks Jan about the new living room furniture that the Ireys' purchased for their new house. S... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers