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Indian Grove schoolhouse

Ken Irey's first school with Ruth Adcock as his teacher.

Burgett-Irey Family Papers


F. T. Long

Irey boys

Monmouth (Ill.) - Kenneth Monroe Irey and John Hilton Irey, and Rex Frantz (Roy and Lillian's sons).

Burgett-Irey Family Papers


Frank Boggess Wonderful Art Gallery

Lillian Mae Frantz

Monmouth (Ill.) - Portrait of Lillian Mae Frantz around age 7.

Burgett-Irey Family Papers


Irey, Katherine

Junie's baby book

Highland Park (N.J.) - Photo album documenting June's infancy from the time she was a newborn up until age three. The first portion of the album shows newborn June with her mother Katherine Irey, and her father Kenneth Irey. Many of the images depict June posing in front of their home in New Jersey or playing in their yard or neighborhood. Some of the pictures show June being held by neighbor... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers


Long Studio

Lillian Mae Frantz and Roy Irey

Monmouth (Ill.) - Portrait taken for their 50th wedding anniversary.

Burgett-Irey Family Papers



Irey family

Galesburg (Ill.) - John Irey and Anna Elizabeth Gilmore Irey with James, Roy, Angus, Clark, and daughters.

Burgett-Irey Family Papers

1979 June 13

Parker, Helen

Birders awaiting to board a plane

Gambell (Alaska) - Birders waiting to board a plane after a two day delay.

Burgett-Irey Family Papers

1979 July 2

Parker, Helen

Clark's nutcracker

In top of a small spruce near the parking area at Mount Edith Cavell glacier.

Burgett-Irey Family Papers