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1992 July 2

Du Bois, David Graham, 1896-1977

Monument to Kwame Nkrumah

Accra (Ghana) - Probably taken by David Graham Du Bois during his visit.

Bernard Jaffe Papers

1964 Feb.

Unidentified man

Accra (Ghana) - Unidentified Ghanaian(?) man, probably at the Du Bois home in Ghana.

Bernard Jaffe Papers


Shirley Graham Du Bois at her living room in Cairo

Cairo (Egypt) - On verso: "Good morning! From our home on the Nile."

Bernard Jaffe Papers

1967 Sept. 29

Shirley Graham Du Bois standing on a balcony, the city in the background

Paris (France) - Probably taken during Du Bois's stay in Paris with Bernard Jaffe in September 1967.

Bernard Jaffe Papers

1971 July 10

Monument to

Cairo (Egypt) - Probably taken near her home in Cairo.

Bernard Jaffe Papers

1968 Jan. 22

Shirley Graham Du Bois lounging on the balcony

Cairo (Egypt) - With overlook of palm trees and water in background: possibly taken at their apartment in Cairo(?).

Bernard Jaffe Papers

1964 Feb.

Shirley Graham Du Bois (far left) and two unidentified visitors

Accra (Ghana) - Du Bois and two unidentified people, probably at her home in Ghana.

Bernard Jaffe Papers