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1972 Sept. 4

Memorandum: political process analysis

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Analyzes the three possible Peronist courses of action towards the oncoming electoral process: subversion, non-participation, or adaptation to the process. It includes what is required to face those options.

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1972 June

Memoranda: Peronist representatives

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Set of documents regarding specific conversations between the government (Dubra and Sánchez de Bustamante) and Peronist representatives (Gómez, Thedy and Cámpora).

Robert A. Potash Papers

1972 Dec.

Notes: Alejandro A. Lanusse and Juan Domingo Perón

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Consists of two unrelated documents: a memorandum from Brigadier Mayor Ezequiel Martínez, which contains appreciations about the air force position and notes presumably written by Alejandro A. Lanusse, in which he considers options for a new military government and the Peronist future.

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1972 Dec. 18

Report: High Commands assembly

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Primary topics addressed: the status of the current development process, the importance of the decisions and attitudes of the army in this stage of the process, and their responsibility to successfully complete it. Discusses their political possibilities, strategies to participate in the following elections, objectives such as preventing a "return the past" (i.e.Peronist control), and poss... more

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1972 Apr. 19

López Aufranc, Alcides

Letter from Alcides López Aufranc

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Offers his economic and political analysis and predicts that Peronism will triumph in 1973; he stresses economic issues and the necessity of stop building public infrastructure.

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1973 Jan. 12 – 1973 Feb. 5

Intelligence reports

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - In this set of documents, military members analyze the possible consequences of Peronism coming back to the government. They predict an inevitable confrontation of forces, since the guerilleros and the armed Peronist forces are openly expressing that they have to give the power back to the people. They predict this situation will happen, even though other parties win the presidency; these ... more

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1973 Aug. 21

Iñiquez, Miguel A., 1966-

Miguel Angel Iñiquez oral history with Robert A. Potash

Argentina - Interview between Robert Potash and General Miguel Angel Iñiquez, former head of the Central Operations Peronist Resistance (Central de Operaciones de la Resistencia Peronista, CORP). Topics include the army and politics, indoctrination tactics, CORP, and political events at the time of the interview. The interview was originally recorded on two audiocassettes, and it cuts abruptly at a transition po... more

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Romero, José Luis

José Luis Romero oral history with Robert A. Potash: notes

Argentina - Robert Potash's notes from an interview with José Luis Romero. Topics include the connections between the military and the politics between 1940 and 1943, the Argentine participation in World War II and the influence of FORJA on Peronism.

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1971 Dec.

Argentina. Ministerio del Interior

Report: Ministro Del Interior

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Refers to Peronism as a "personalist" movement and suggests that this feature allowed it to convoke people from the extreme right and left at the same time; concludes that this advantage can also be a weakness.

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1973 Jan. 16

López Aufranc, Alcides

Speech: Army Chief od Staff

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - López Aufranc addresses the officers about several issues such as communication inside the army, wages for 1973, and the upcoming elections. He states three courses of action: not letting the elections happen, not letting Peronism take the power if they win, or letting the elections happen and giving the power to whoever wins. He supports the third one. This item includes a document that studies the t... more

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