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Castiñeiras, Pedro

Pedro Castiñeiras oral history with Robert A. Potash: transcripts and notes

Argentina - Robert Potash's notes and transcript for an interview conducted with General Pedro Castiñeiras. Primary topics addressed: role of the army in Argentine political and economic life, metal industry, financial details and the changes in the government and the economy during Perón's presidency.

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Gómez Morales, Alfredo

Alfredo Gómez Morales oral history with Robert A. Potash: transcripts

Argentina - Robert Potash's transcripts of interviews conducted with Alfredo Gómez Morales. Primary topics addressed: his career as an economist; the Argentine economy and its relationship with the United States, including the steel, oil and transportation industries; and Gómez Morales's thoughts on political ideologies.

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Levingston, Roberto Marcelo, 1920-

Roberto M. Levingston oral history with Robert A. Potash: questions and transcript

Argentina - Robert Potash's questions and transcript from an interview with General Roberto Levingston. Topics include the "Comunicado N. 150", the military influence on Illia's government and coup, the relationships between gremial sectors and the army, Onganía's ouster, Levingston's presidency, Lanusse's role in those events, the Argentine economy, interest groups, the steel industry and Perón's... more

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