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2006 July 7

Brown, Robert L.

Robert L. Brown oral history with Tom Weiner

United States - Topics addressed by Brown: graduating from high school and going right to work; receiving encouragement to consider college; enrolling at Central Connecticut State University; getting involved in national politics while a student, especially the racial injustice and discrimination he and other African American students experienced or witnessed; during this same time getting married and starting a fami... more

Tom Weiner Oral History Collection

2006 Aug. 1

Wallace, Roger L.

Roger L. Wallace oral history with Tom Weiner

United States - Topics addressed by Wallace: growing up in Springfield, Massachusetts; attending Clark University and becoming involved in the activism on campus; his early impressions of the military his initial reaction to his low lottery number and his resolve to serve if called; watching the war in Vietnam escalate and how it changed his opinion of serving in the military; demonstrating against the war by dis... more

Tom Weiner Oral History Collection

2004 Aug. 24

Goss, Gary

Gary Goss oral history with Tom Weiner

United States - Topics Goss addresses: his involvement in the anti-war movement while attending Rutgers in the mid-1960s; his background as a native of Newark, New Jersey ; the changing demographics of Newark which included large minority and poor populations--populations that had a difficult time getting out of the draft; his efforts to get out of the draft including a brief enrollment in law school and two ... more

Tom Weiner Oral History Collection

2004 Sept. 4

Higgins, George

George Higgins oral history with Tom Weiner

United States - Topics Higgins addresses during the interview: his job as a psychological counselor at Trinity College; the rise of student activism on campus in the 1960s; his "numb" opposition to the Vietnam War; the anti-war movement on campus; his role in supporting students who did not want to be drafted, but refusing to provide false diagnoses.

Tom Weiner Oral History Collection

2004 Aug. 3

Thompson, David M.

David M. Thompson oral history with Tom Weiner

United States - Topics Thompson addresses during the interview: his disapproval of the war in Vietnam ; the end of his college years and the possible ways to avoid the draft including becoming a conscientious objector or enrolling in law school; the impact of the lottery system on his ability to get a deferment; his appointment with the draft board; the results of eye exam that got him a 1-Y deferment; his thoughts o... more

Tom Weiner Oral History Collection


Hoogstraten, John

John Hoogstraten oral history with Tom Weiner

United States - Topics Hoogstraten addresses: opposition to the war during high school; increased anti-war activity during last year in school; his experience the day of the lottery and his number, 56; the period of waiting before he was called up for active service; efforts to find a legitimate medical reason to be dismissed; day he received induction letter and advice from draft counselor to make a scene at inducti... more

Tom Weiner Oral History Collection

2012 July 20

Grinspoon, Lester, 1928-

Lester Grinspoon: oral history with Robert S. Cox and Caroline J. White

Wellesley (Mass.) - Oral history with Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, senior psychiatrist at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center, founding editor of The American Psychiatric Association Annual Review and Harvard Mental Health Letter. Grinspoon was perhaps the first professional to speak out against the prohibition on marijuana use from a medical... more

Lester Grinspoon Papers

2013 Sept. 9

Marram, Edward P.

Edward P. Marram oral history with William Melton part 1

Wellesley (Mass.) - Oral history with Edward P. Marram ('59, MS '61), the founder, president, and CEO of Geo-Centers Inc., which provides services and products for homeland-security preparedness. Marram's career has included being part of the first response to the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island in 1979 and training first responders in handling weapons of mass destruction after the ... more

UMass Amherst Oral History Collection

1960 June

Ingersoll, William T.

Oral history interview of W. E. B. Du Bois by William Ingersoll

New York (N.Y.) - From interviews conducted for the Columbia University Oral History Project May 5-June 6, 1960.

W. E. B. Du Bois Papers

2019 Aug. 26

Varner, James

James Varner: oral history with Harold D. Weaver

Southwest Harbor (Me.) - Interview with James Varner, President and CEO of the Maine Human Rights Coalition, and a long-time member of the Orono Monthly Meeting. In this interview, Varner discusses his early life and influences growing up in New Jersey, attending the University of Maine, his interracial marriage; conflict in the Orono Monthly Meeting over racist disrespect; and the significance of the Quaker t... more

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