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1994 Nov. 26

Oral history with Addie and Gert

New York (State) - This oral history recording consists of Addie and Gert's memories of the Electro Chemical Company where they both worked. Carl Halpern, other upper management and workers are mentioned. Gert worked there for approximately three years and made $19/week, Addie was there on and off for over 22 years and started at $.35/hour but got up to $50/week when she left in 1945. They both tell anecd... more

Carl Halpern Papers

1934 Apr. 6

Stevens, Leon

Leon Stevens, Emogene Stevens, and Richard Giles: interview with Miles L. Hanley

Cummington (Mass.) - From a series of interviews conducted for the Linguistic Atlas of New England to document New England dialects. Speakers include Leon Stevens (Cummington, Mass.; LANE informant 232.2) speaking of crops, farming; Mrs. Emogene Stevens (talking about early settlements, mostly from eastern Massachusetts; cottage work; parlors, nineteenth century households. Part two include... more

Linguistic Atlas of New England Records

1972 Apr.

Halpern, Carl

Oral history with Carl Halpern

New York (State) - In this oral history interview conducted by son Joel Halpern, Carl Halpern begins by describing some photographs from the 1920s during his employment at the Electro Chemical Plant in New York where he worked from 1917 until his retirement in 1965. He names the locations and occasions of the photos, the people in the photos, their occupations at the plant or their relation to t... more

Carl Halpern Papers