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1982 Nov. 6

Halpern, Carl

Oral history interview with Carl Halpern

New York (State) - This oral history interview conducted by son Joel Halpern, Carl Halpern focuses on his memories of the Electro Chemical Company, where he worked from 1917-1965, as well as his childhood growing up in the Bronx. Carl talks about his recollections of Prohibition and the ratification of the 21st Amendment in 1933, how production changed when Prohibition was lifted, and th... more

Carl Halpern Papers

1976 Jan.

Halpern, Carl

Oral history with Carl Halpern

New York (State) - In this oral history interview conducted by son Joel Halpern, Carl Halpern talks about his recollections of his mother. Carl talks about her interests, pride and enjoyment in her children and grandchildren, the closeness of the family, and her emphasis on education. He talks about the hardships that she faced, the relationships between various family members and her loyalty ... more

Carl Halpern Papers

1994 Nov. 26

Oral history with Addie and Gert

New York (State) - This oral history recording consists of Addie and Gert's memories of the Electro Chemical Company where they both worked. Carl Halpern, other upper management and workers are mentioned. Gert worked there for approximately three years and made $19/week, Addie was there on and off for over 22 years and started at $.35/hour but got up to $50/week when she left in 1945. They both tell anecd... more

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2015 Aug. 14

Kure-Jensen, Sanne

Sanne Kure-Jensen oral history with Leslie Cox and Robert S. Cox

Amherst (Mass.) - Conversation with Sanne Kure-Jensen, organic farmer from Rhode Island and participant in organic land care program. Has worked as a organic farmer, gardener, and landscape designer; memories of going to Organic Land Care Program in Connecticut, later getting invited to be a reviewer (00:05:25); involvements in local arboretum, local land trusts, and other activities, wo... more

Northeast Organic Farming Association Records

2014 July 11

Topol, Sidney

Sidney Topol oral history interview with Kirstin Kay and Jeremy Smith

Boston (Mass.) - Topol discusses the three chapters of his life, career and philanthropic work including: immigration of his family from Russia to Dorchester, Massachusetts, attendance at Boston Latin School and UMass Amherst, work as a communications officer in the Army during World War II; his work at Raytheon and Scientific-Atlanta; his business philosophy; his political and ideologi... more

Sidney Topol Papers

2004 Mar. 10

Douglas, Bernice, 1908-2012

Bernice Douglas: oral history with Barbara Sturrock

Brunswick, Me. - Conversation with Douglas of Durham Monthly Meeting (95 years old) about her life experiences in New England United Society of Friends Women, beginning with recalling her early life (b.1908), raised in a family of Baptist ministers and Universalist father -- joined Durham Meeting at 6 or 8 years of age -- (00:01:39) moved to York, Maine, during First World War where father ... more

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends Records

2018 Nov. 24

Gautam, Bhuwan

Bhuwan Gautam: interview with Anshul Bhargava

Springfield (Mass.) - Bhuwan Gautam was born in Bhutan and became a refugee at the age of seven. He lived in the Timai refugee camp in Eastern Nepal for fifteen years before resettling in the United States in 2008. Mr. Gautam worked as a behavioral specialist at a community health center for two years and has over five years of experience working with refugee resettlement. Mr. Gautam also serves as a co-investigator with t... more

Asian Americans in Western Mass. Oral History Collection

2001 Aug. 15

Avakian, Arlene Voski

Arlene Avakian oral history with Amy Cutler, interview 1, part 1

Amherst (Mass.) - Discussing Avakian's activist in women's issues and social justice and the founding of the Women's Studies Department at UMass Amherst.

Valley Women's History Collaborative Records

1983 Dec. 15

Lanusse, Alejandro A. (Alejandro Agustín), 1918-1996

Alejandro A. Lanusse interview with Robert A. Potash

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Interview focuses on details of events happening between 1963 and 1973, including the presidency of Illia and the 1966 coup carried out against him. Among the participants or supporters of the coup were Onganía, Pistarini, López Aufranc, and Julio Alsogaray; those who opposed it were officers such as Castro Sanchez and Laprida. Other topics: the Cordobazo, the kidnapping and murder of Aramburu, th... more

Robert A. Potash Papers

1987 Apr. 1

Lanusse, Alejandro A. (Alejandro Agustín), 1918-1996

Alejandro A. Lanusse interview with Robert A. Potash

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Notes from a conversation between Potash and Lanusse focusing on the time period 1963-1973, in particular appointments for public positions, elections, tensions between army and government members, Pedro Eugenio Aramburu, the "azules and the colorados," the return to democracy, and Lanusse's opinion about the Radicals, Peronism and the "Fiscalia Nacional de Investigaciones Administrativas."

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