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1919 Oct. 20

Stevenson, William

Letter from William Stevenson to W. E. B. Du Bois

Washington (D.C.) - Per his request (mums312-b165-i284), noting that official papers on his war experience are located in Cincinnati, and pledging to write up a summary of his experience with the A.E.F. "if I can find time to do so."

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1919 Oct. 8

Sun (New York, N.Y.)

Letter from Sun to W. E. B. Du Bois

New York (N.Y.) - Signed W. S.; requesting that he give the letter's (unidentified) bearer a certain manuscript and photograph.

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1924 Aug. 15

Du Bois, W. E. B. (William Edward Burghardt), 1868-1963

Letter from W. E. B. Du Bois to J. H. Sherwood

New York (N.Y.) - Per his letter (mums312-b168-i523), commenting on the War Dept.'s duplicitous attitude and discriminatory policies towards "colored officers" in World War I and elaborating on coverage of same recently featured in the "Crisis"

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1919 Apr. 9

United States . War Dept.

Letter from United States War Dept. to Crisis

Washington (D.C.) - Signed Emmett J. Scott, Special Assistant to Secretary; addressed to A. G. Dill; requesting to borrow the cut from which the enclosed photograph was made for the "Crisis," volume 16, number 2 (June 1918).

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1919 Apr. 12

Letter from unidentified correspondent to Editor of the Crisis

Fort Eustis (Va.) - From "a boy from Camp Eustis"; describing the Fort as "hell on earth" and elaborating on efforts to complain formally to the War Dept., noting in dismay that he and other draftees do "nothing but laboring work," are prevented from making or receiving visits, grossly underpaid, victims of overt racial discrimination, and hugely mistreated despite their immeasurable sacri... more

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1924 Aug. 4

Sherwood, Jose H.

Letter from Jose H. Sherwood to Editor of the Crisis

Saint Paul (Minn.) - Relaying his shock upon reading the recent feature on "Colored Training Camps"; seeking further information on the "future attitude" of the War Dept. with respect thereto; and noting the impending International Conference of the Knights Templar, to take place in Pittsburgh.

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1919 June 6

Tucker, Ewbank

Letter from Ewbank Tucker to W. E. B. Du Bois

Bedford (Va.) - An open letter in response to the "Crisis"'s coverage of "the alleged bad treatment of colored officers in France by the authorities"; noting he is not exactly challenging the charges; but sharing some of the first-hand stories he's been told by those involved; and noting the general inefficiency faced and executed thereby.

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1919 July 10

Thomas, Walker W.

Letter from Walker W. Thomas to Crisis

Saint Louis (Mo.) - Congratulating Du Bois on his coverage of A.E.F. travails in France; briefly reflecting the 17 months he himself spent on the Western Front; and wishing the magazine and its editor "the greatest success."

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1918 June

Crisis (Firm)

Clipping from Crisis, volume 16, number 2

New York (N.Y.) - Pages 79 and 80 of the June 1918 "Crisis," featuring photos of "some Negro officers of the United States Army," as well as scenes at Camp Stanley, Texas, and the reading room at the 366th Infantry Army Club in Des Moines.

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1919 Apr. 23

Taylor, Watler J.

Letter from Walter J. Taylor to W. E. B. Du Bois

Washington (D.C.) - Per his query re Taylor's article (see mums312-b165-i295, i296), providing further information and hard facts on the persons therein described and requesting that he return the manuscript and photo submitted therewith.

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