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1985 Apr. 11

Letter from unidentified correspondent to teleconference participants

Berkeley (Calif.) - In this letter, an unidentified writer thanks participants for electing her to the MHLP board. She discusses the implications of the word "anti-psychiatry" and hopes that the movement will not be known as simply that. She points out that psychiatric oppression is "a part of social, economics, class, racial and sexual and other oppressions that most past and present inmates experience." The writer says... more

Cynthia Miller Papers


Network Against Psychiatric Assault

Dr. Caligari's psychiatric drugs

Berkeley (Calif.) - Containing information about psychiatric drug effects, toxic effects and medical complications collected from recurring columns which began appearing in Madness Network News in 1972. Accessible and educational information for people getting or thinking of taking psychiatric drugs as well as concerned family members, friends and health-care workers. Containing information on the drugging of adults, chi... more

Cynthia Miller Papers