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1982 Aug. 21

Geðheilbrigðiskerfið er mannskemmandi The mental health system is detrimental

Finland - Article about or interview with Judi Chamberlin on the dangers of the mental health system and her work as an activist.

Judi Chamberlin Papers

1990 Aug. 28

Markovi?, Vladimir

Councils and associations of citizens who opposed harmful use of psychiatry and medicine for political purposes in Yugoslavia

Belgrade (Serbia) - An article written by Vladimir Markovi? which he sent to the Mental Patients Liberation Front in the hopes of them publishing it in their Acting Out newsletter. The article details the history of the antipsychiatry movement in Yugoslavia and the efforts of the movement to stop the harmful use of psychiatry for political purposes.

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1982 Apr. 5

Kale, Wilford, 1944-

Mental patients' rights championed

Richmond (Va.) - Details Chamberlin's experiences as a patient in mental hospitals that led her to write "On Our Own." Focuses on her advocacy for patients' rights, including the right to refuse medication, with reference to the abuse that often happens in mental institutions.

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1978 Dec. 10

Sifford, Darrell, 1931-

His crusade: electroshock

Philadelphia (Pa.) - Criticism of Leonard Roy Frank and his anti-ECT activism, despite the author's stated sympathy for the cause.

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1976 Nov. 22

Gottlieb, Annie

He claimed he was well, which 'proved' him mad

An article from the Village Voice about Kenneth Donaldson's book, "Insanity Inside Out" and the Supreme Court case which ruled that he had been held unlawfully detained against his will in a mental institution for 15 years.

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1978 June 25

Somerville, Barbara

Rights of mental patients

Palm Beach (Fla.) - Detailing the experiences in psychiatric hospitals of three women: Judi Chamberlin, author of "On Our Own", Sally Zinman, head of the Florida Mental Patients' Rights Association, and Tanya Temkin of Network Against Psychiatric Assault in San Francisco. They also talk about patients' rights. A related story discusses steps being taken to improve patients' rights at the Comprehensive Community Mental He... more

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1978 Dec. 11

Severo, Richard

Mental patients seek 'liberation' in rising challenge to therapy

New York (N.Y.) - Positive writeup on the psychiatric survivor movement discussing litigation, vocabulary, shock therapy and drugs.

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1979 Apr.

National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (U.S.)

Cuckoo's nest revisited

Washington (D.C.) - Favorable review of Leonard Roy Frank's The History of Shock Treatment.

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1978 Feb. 11

Involuntary commitment, treatment catch heat from former patients

Minneapolis (Minn.) - On the participation of ex-mental patients, including Ellingson, in a symposium on the legislation of shock therapy and lobotomy at the Nolte Center for Continuing Education. Elligson's statement (in brackets) is concerned with the damage done by the medical model of psychiatry.

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1981 Nov.

Miller, Jenny

Demonstrators demand city council act to halt Herrick barbarism

Berkeley (Calif.) - Reporting on a protest by Network Against Psychiatric Assault (NAPA) against the use of electro-convulsive treatment at Herrick Hospital in Berkeley. Including a brief history and current statistics on the administration of electroshock therapy. Additional sections on the prevalence of suicide among victims as well as the profit motive for psychiatrists who advocate the process.

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