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1975 May 19

Williams, Susan, 1950-

Women's psychology Mental illness as a social disease

Seattle (Wash.) - Against the use of psychiatry to justify the economic and political subjugation of women by pathologizing deviant behavior such as lesbianism, career ambition or resentment of oppression. On the domestication of women in service of the capitalist hetero-patriarchy. Calling for a shift away from self-help, womens' groups and feminist therapy towards the collective socialist struggle.

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Project Release

Challenge system not its victims fragment

New York (N.Y.) - Statement on the publicly perceived problem of "chronic mental patients." Taking issue with the New York Department of Mental Hygiene's harmful practices and facilities. Including type written note referring to the document as "a joint effort of Howie's and mine."

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Body politics

New York (N.Y.) - Text for a workshop, taking place at the Free Association, on developing a political analysis of the body and mental illness. Proposing the intercommunication of revolutionary action and "madness."

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Temkin, Tanya

Elizabeth Stone. 'the power of insane hospitals must be shaken'

Boston, Mass. - Recounting the life and work of Elizabeth Stone, who became a pioneering anti-psychiatry advocate after being committed to the Charlestown McLean Asylum because her family disapprroved of her religious beliefs. Exploring Stone's analysis of the political nature of insane asylums, her challenge to medical authority and the label of "insanity" as a means of repression.

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Mental health and the technology of normalization

New York (N.Y.) - Network Against Psychiatric Oppression (N.A.P.O.) copy of a handout on the political analysis of 'mental illness,' analyzing statements from the European Network for an Alternative to Community Psychiatry and the North American Conference on Human Rights and Psychiatric Oppression. Criticizing the limitations of the 'Mental Patient' movement and its use of psychiatric terminology and individualism as ... more

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