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Providence Society for Abolishing the Slave-Trade

Constitution of the Providence Society for Abolishing the Slave-Trade

Providence (R.I.) - Printed constitution with note added in manuscript: "Adopted, 20th day of 2d mo. 1789."

Moses Brown Papers

1793 Aug.

Report of the Standing Committee

Providence (R.I.) - Sister society in Philadelphia confirms the story of Olver Fry, "his claim to liberty, and there is a prospect of other evidence being attained sufficient to answer the design of the Society."

Moses Brown Papers


At a meeting of Friends held at their meeting-house in Newport, 6th mo. 17th, 1852

Newport (R.I.) - Pledge list with printed heading to support Free Produce: "We subscribing this article, hereby pledge ourself to each other that we will endeavor to promote the use of the productions of free labor in preference to those of slave labor by providing, when they can be obtained, such articles for ourselves and the consumption of our families; and by encouraging their use b... more

Samuel Austin Collection


Free produce meeting

Newport (R.I.) - Report of an organizational Free Produce meeting at Newport, with names of officers and representatives in New England monthly meetings.

Samuel Austin Collection

1837 July 21

Tobey, Samuel Boyd, 1805-1867

Letter from Samuel B. Tobey to Thomas Howland

Providence (R.I.) - Thomas Evans has been indicted on a felony in Virginia for distributing antislavery literature; J. J. Gurney will be visiting America shortly' mourns over the course taken by Sarah and Angelina Grimke; abolition activity among Friends.

Howland Family Papers