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1994 June 23 – 1994 June 26

Mississippi Community Foundation

Mississippi Homecomeing: 1994 Program and Schedule: Preliminary Draft

Jackson (Miss.) - Includes tentative program, speakers, and schedule of events.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers


Hamer, Fannie Lou

Letter from Fannie Lou Hamer to Civil Rights Workers

Mississippi - A donation request from Fannie Lou Hamer.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers

1965 Aug. 28

Allen, Chude Pamela, 1943-

August 28, 1965

Mississippi - Pam's poem about an interracial marriage.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers

1965 Feb. 27

Gavin, Joanne

Events of night of February 26-27

- Joanne Gavin writes to the C.O.F.O. Personnel Committee. She stopped by the office on the way to a meeting at the Jackson Project Office, and ended up spending the whole night answering the phones.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers


Polk, Delois

Letter from Delois Polk to Gloria Xifaras Clark

Holly Springs (Miss.) - "What would you do?" A hypothetical situation of a white businessman who receives a threat after employing African Americans.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers

1967 Feb. 19

Colom, Will, 1950-

Letter from Wilbur Colom to Gloria Xifaras Clark

Mississippi - Wilbur discusses the movement, and wishes to meet Gloria in person.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers

1965 Nov. 18

Sakelaris, Tom

Letter from Sak (Tom Sakelaris) to Dory (Gloria Xifaras Clark)

Hot Springs (Va.) - "650 prominent white citizens of McComb have signed a petition which designated a rather advocates adherence to the Civil Rights Law."

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers


Guy Carawan sings American folk songs: guitar, banjo, recorder

Promotion flyer for influential folksinger (1927-2015) who introduced "We Shall Overcome" to students at the Highlander Folk School and appeared at Chicago and New York coffeehouses, and the Newport Folk Festival, and recorded for Folkways Records.

Folk New England Ephemera Collection


State and mind vol. 6 no. 3 Spring

Somerville (Mass.) - A journal created by a community of people with personal experience in the mental health system. This issue is focused on articles having to do with deinstitutionalization. Articles include one on the radical transformation of an Italian mental hospital called Trieste, one on the politics of mental health in China, one on opposing personal views on the use of lithium, and a psychopolitical analysis on... more

Cynthia Miller Papers

1964 July 14

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)

Freedom News: Volume 1, Number 3

Holly Springs (Miss.) - Published by the "Holly Springs Freedom School." Includes articles such as "why the Negro of Mississippi should vote."

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers