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1898 May 11

Gass, Louisa

Letter from Louisa Gass to Sadie Kessel

Burlington (Vt.) - Louisa talks about her eye trouble and how her trip in Burlington is going. She instructs Sadie that if she has any fruit, to pout off the juice into a clean jar and put it in the cellar.

Burgett-Irey Family Papers

1867 July 21

Boden, Sallie

Letter from Sallie Boden to Sarah Boden

Letter from Sallie Boden to her sister discusses daily life, family and house work. Sallie begins by talking about German and Dutch hired help who work in Jeff's store and do laundry for her. She notes that her neighbors from New Orleans who own a furniture store are very nice people. Sallie misses the farm, especially the fresh milk and butter. Sallie describes preserving food, ma... more

Burgett-Irey Family Papers